limited sleeping minimay sold with limited may

Feb 24, 2007

    1. they're lovely!

      is anybody going to buy them?

      I still don't understand why may and may valentine cost the same but one has a minimay included and the other hasn't :sweat
      the may valentine has a suitcase... but it isn't expensive like a PF :roll:
    2. They are so lovely, I saw them and wished to win the lottery LOL. The outfits are amazing as well.
    3. were are they ?
      I havent seen them ?
    4. :doh
      I looked right at her and it and didnt twig

      Im spared ...I dont like the larger BF dolls ...
      the pair dosnt do anything for me phew LOL
    5. Lucky you Tinybear, I just love her little toothies and her dress! And the little pocket fairy is too cute. I've seen the bigger Bluefairys in person, and they are very engaging. Fortunately for me I can't pay that right now, although it is a lovely set.
    6. I find the minimay just too cute for words but lucky for me the outfit of May though pretty didn't strike a cord for me. Plus i'm pretty much near broke til Dolpa after I put my Bambicrony order
    7. Yeah. What AreeElf said.
    8. I love them...but I wish the outfit on sleeping big May came with awake May and mini May...then I really couldn't resist.
    9. I love the dresses! Why don't they sell them separately in the outfit section?
    10. Yeah, I've seen a lovely larger Blue Fairy in person - so tempted!! I'm just trying not to look at them now. ::LOL::
    11. One thing that is really cool is that is a WHITE sleeping may!! you know how long I have been wanting a white one? forever! they go on YJ for about 1,000 !! and only appear for sale once in a blue moon.

      The white sleeping May was sold as a set originally with a open eyed May this was early on in the blue fairy company a few years ago. I never wanted to pay that high so have been praying for another release of the white sleeping May. I will probly sell the larger May.

      Sweet me grabbed a set! went up at 12.00 and sold out by 12.04 am. Not sure if they were completely sold out in that time as it changed to available soon. But so far they didn't come back in stock I guess they don't have many. I am guessing that some japanese people are buying them as they are hot sellers on YJ.
    12. Congrats sweetie
      glad you got your white tiny at last :aheartbea
    13. Oh congratulations Treelore!
    14. Thanks you two!

      :) yeh happy about this. Sometimes the next day I feel like I have been a bad girl !! LOL. But today I don't have the guilt thank god. Its so easy to get out of touch with money and these dolls and just how much they are. I remember years ago when there was only about 9 volks dolls to select from WAY back and I thought 550.00 was a Hell of allot it took me a very long time to decide on what doll to buy about 6 months!

      With so many companies its very hard to resist these days. I spend most of my time resisting...... Presently resisting Louis :( he is expensive and cant' help wonder if I don't bond if he will be hard to sell at that price...... I don't bond with the boys well but he is so beautiful love the white skin and he would look so wonderful as a pair with the larger May (who I am not planning on keeping!!)

      Like you Tinybear I now have a one in one out policy. Tinybear you still doing that ;)

      Wishes the new colored elves would be up dated... eeekks brain is too doll active today!
    15. ooooh! Maybe I'll have the $$$$$$$$$$ when you put May up for sale! Also you should check Bambicronie's site, they just put up a Pink Kumi I thinks.
    16. eeekss screams and goes to look!!! :) However its Roko I have been waiting to see in the other colors!! I think she Might look good in the pink and also what to see Roko in that grey purple!! then I will order.
      Seems Pepe looks good in every color including pink.

      yeh save your money for her.
    17. perhaps may valentine is because of the eyes?? I dont know XD just a stupid guess since probably those need different cast^^.
      but the outfits are superb. i've been pining for their outfits, ever since i saw walking with november boys and now these.
      **cries** oh why, wont they sell them separately...
    18. Theres a May with pocket fairy may just come in stock! if anyone wants to get the set.
    19. I would if I could!