New Doll Limited Special Collaboration Doll Snow Delia [Dolk x Myou Doll]

Dec 20, 2019

    1. "DOLK x Myou Doll" A Snowgirl appears on the winter wonderland!

      Delia, proud of the high popularity of doll maker Myou Doll has appeared in collaboration.

      The popular doll “Sakura Delia”, which appeared only for the spring season and sold out the same day after sales began. As a seasonal series, Delia was planned based on the concept of “winter”. We developed a new skin color “Snow White Skin” limited to DOLK. A beautiful girl doll "Snow Delia" with a special shine is released from the northern country in a perfect figure for this winter season.

      It was coordinated from wigs to costumes in a snowy color that gives the image of the concept color. Snow White Skin, the collaboration-only color, is pure and clean like snow. A special make-up creates a winter clean look. The handmade eye of MOONSTONE, which glitters like an ice crystal, gives a beautiful finish for Snow Delia.

      Please take a look at the special “Snow Delia” who is suitable for this winter season.

      LEARN MORE HERE --> DOLK x Myou Doll" A Snowgirl

      [DOLK × MYOU DOLL] Snow Delia




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