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Limiting the BJD Addiction

Oct 28, 2004

    1. After promising myself, and my wallet, that there would be no more dolls for me until after Christmas at the earliest, I went and ordered an El. I clearly can't resist getting something I want...

      Anyone else with the same problem?
    2. Well.. I think it's just bad practice by default to buy things you don't really need, but want anyway, even if you already have something like that.
    3. hahaha, yeah I have the same problem -_- I enjoy living comfortably, even if I don't need it. I'm so materialistic.
    4. Me Too!!! Buying other dolls not related to SD :wink:
    5. I am awful... I said ONE DOLL, and I've got three now. :S At least my husband doesn't mind. n.n;; I want to just ORDER the tender too and bee-a, but I am biding my time. ._.;; argh... waiting is the hardest thing. :(
    6. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3889


      I asked the question myself and its a popular thread clearly many struggle with the same issue LOL.

      Including myself nothing seems to work for me. When I first got interested I said Oh I will only ever get one!! I was very sure too BUT that did not last long.
      And everytime I get a really wonderful something it's just greater encouragement to get another !! PLEASURE

    7. I have an emergency fund, and could easily buy the EL that I want with it ...

      But then I remember all the times I had to use the emergency fund to help my brother pay his bills, or pay for doctor's visits and prescriptions when my insurance won't pick up on it.

      Obviously, the latter outweighs the doll. I'll get the doll someday, but for now it's safer to have the emergency fund in tact.

      The only reason I got Tender Too and Bee-a is because my mother said she'd pay me back for them as my Christmas present this year.
    8. Screw self-help. Bring in the straightjackets!

      (Kidding. When you break your word to yourself, your word still means less -- that should be incentive enough.)
    9. I just recently got myself a steady income.. enough to live on, and afford things I want. I spent so long without being able to get them that it's hard to say 'no' when I'd like something.

      I rarely make big purchases, but after buying Chin-Seung, I've proceeded to get another doll head, a lot of eyes, and I'm trying to get another doll head...

      And I just spent $400 on a one-of-a-kind original picture from my favorite artist in the world x_X;

      I need to start selling stuff.. Like I said, I ordered a lot of eyes, but I don't know that I'll like all of them. I probably need more wigs, too, because some might just not look good with his silver wig.
    10. No, no resistance, none, nada, zip, zero. I just ordered Too and Bee-A today. Eh, if that's the worst thing I ever do, I'll consider myself lucky!! :wink:
    11. My resistance is that I have no money. LOL I'm good at resisting, I don't know why. It's weird. :roll:
    12. ^^;;;; Self-restraint can be rewarding too, guys. All good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue and all that jazz.
    13. ^^; I wish I could spur of the moment buy a doll.
      Honestly, I have enough for the non-volks dolls that I want...well, I will soon anyhow...but I promised myself that I'm getting the new LE/SD-13 FCS or nothing unless I don't like the new LE...in which case I'll get Elf Lishe.
    14. I think once you get started in this hobby, it's all too easy to spiral out of control. When I was looking to buy my first doll, I told myself that it was best to have only one doll to concentrate on. I still feel that way to some extent now, but I also have so many ideas that would work great if I had two dolls, a boy and girl! And to make matters worse, after meeting bigger dolls in real life, I decided that I needed one of those too! So now I'm thinking of three dolls as a good number to have, which I'm sure will lead to four because then I'll have two matched pairs, but then will lead to five because four is an unlucky number (for Asians, anyway), and so on and so forth.

      It's a good thing I don't have that much money at my disposal, since my mother controls my bank account and credit card. I appreciate and resent this arrangement. There's nothing like parental surveillance to keep a shopaholic in check.
    15. God, I TOTALLY know what you mean. I've been horrible these past couple months after being promoted at work. *chuckles*
    16. It's very sad when there are so many dolls you want.....and you have no job. :oops:

      Such is the case with me...no job...and a list of (thusfar) five dolls(actually, six...I want the tender Too and Bee-a set) I wish to own.

      Wow...I want to say it's pathetic....but...nah...it's more obsessive :D
    17. I know the feeling! I only have a very small minimum wage weekends only job. i have to save so hard if i want anything! And i have a list of eight (!) dolls that i want.... and then theres my impossable dream dolls list too.... Personally i think anyone who gets into these dolls is doomed. :lol:
      I know i and my bank account are!

    18. I never was a big spender until I got into this hobby. At first, I thought, okay, I'll get one boy, and maybe later another (at the most), and just a couple of basic things - maybe 2 or 3 wigs, a pair of shoes etc. Then it all went totally haywire. I got 2 dolls within a month, now have bought 15 wigs (OMG - although 8 of them are not yet with me -_-), have 6 pairs of eyes, 5 pairs of shoes.

      Hopefully though, that should be it. No more spending, except on fabric to make clothes for them - and even then, hopefully that will be covered by selling some items of clothing.

      I will, I think, perhaps be getting one more doll. I will have to consider this really carefully though, especially as I might have to pay a great deal for him (My dream would be to get a Shirou, but I'm also waiting for the 4th Tokyo boy to be revealed...)

      I did, however, get a second job to help support this very expensive habit I seemed to have picked up... >_< It helps me to justify the costs.
    19. For me it's doll clothes. It's so hard to find MSD & Unoa sized clothes that look cool and at a reasonable price, that I usually buy anything that I can find. I have trouble spending $100 for an outfit for a doll, though... Dollmore has this great new "leather" outfit, that would look great on my Drew, but though I almost splurged, I had to hold back. Other than that, I usually just buy whatever I want. As far as dolls go, I am waiting to buy those new little Elf dolls, but the manufacturer seems to be so backed up right now, that I am going to wait till after X-mas and hopfully they will catch up by then. I am also waiting for my Unoa pair to show up whenever that happens next year and after that, well, maybe an MSD sized pointy eared Elf or Dampyr (a 1/2 Vampyre) dolly will be next... :)

      EDIT: sorry, saw it at Dollmore, NOT Souldoll (I made the correction)
    20. I still feel guilty for getting pixie using my student loan refund money..

      I come from a family that has to save up to be poor, so I'm used to waiting and saveing.