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Limwha boy To L (tuel)

May 21, 2009

    1. Has anyone else seen Limhwa's new boy (Tol**?)?

      I think he looks like a male version of her half-elf female sculpt.
      I think I might be needed another large-male-doll soon...XD

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    2. Enzyme, thanks for posting the link to him!! I think he's quite gorgeous and has a touch of Daniel Henney to his look.
    3. Your welcome, masala! There are a couple more shots of him
      in Limwha's Mano gallery. He's quite gorgeous indeed! ^_____^

      - Enzyme ^.^
    4. He is just divine!!! Can't wait to see him come out!

    5. that's what I thought when I saw him-half elf's big brother :)

      and gorgeous as always
    6. ~waugh~ so pretty!
    7. Those pics of the new boy in Tan...amazing....want...when when when can we buy?
    8. Mano's younger brother, perhaps? Slightly larger eyes & straighter nose, but otherwise the resemblance is remarkable.

      And beautiful. Helll, he'd be hard to resist in Tan...! :aheartbea
    9. Dollyholic just confirmed that he is limited!
      Ack, it figures, every doll I'm ever tempted to
      get is limited... (I'll probably be broke when he is
      available and miss him) >_<;;;

      He does look like a younger-less-grumpy Mano,
      but also like a half-elf. Truly beautiful either way. :3

      - Enzyme ^.^
    10. He's going to be limited to only 16 dolls, sold only in June of 2009.

      I've been emailing with the artist to learn more about him this week, and when I have the whole story I will share it with you. What I know is, sweet story, Limhwa made this doll for herself and loved him so much she decided to make just a few for her friends. So we're lucky to be able to have a few to share.

      The To-L limited will be sold as just a doll (no outfit etc.) so I don't think he's going to be really expensive. I should have all the information within 24 hours, so thanks for your patience!

    11. LE16! My my my. :abambi: That IS awesome, that she decided to make juuuust enough to share a taste of him with others. Just from those pics you can tell he was built with a lotta love.

      Good luck to you 16 who chase & win him, whoever you may be....! :clover:
    12. ONLY 16.....Crikey....am going to have to watch the news thread like a hawk!!!!
    13. OK, a few more things to mention:

      ~ you can order To L in any of her resin colors, including tanned. Just remember that tanned resin is hard to sand.

      ~ she will paint him for you in the style shown in the photos. But she says she changes little things from doll to doll. That's her own style.

      ~ I asked her about the wig, and the one you see in blonde was one she cut herself. So if you get the default wig, it might be different. She loves boy dolls.. enjoys making them wigs and putting together whole looks for them.

      That's all I can think of for now. Hope I hear from her tonight, and I'll have it all for you tomorrow. Sorry there will only be 16.

      : -)

      PS. ~~Waves to Arrowchild.~~ Come see us sometime! We miss you! We have special new treasure here, almost ready to show it off. *winks*

    14. *waves*
      I was just thinking about you the other day!
      I'll definately have to make the trek up your direction soon...especially if there's treasure involved ;)

      I really can't wait to see what people do with this new boy! If I could swing it, I'd defiantely be on the hunt for him myself :)
    15. Only 16, by june? I&#8217;ll probably won&#8217;t be able to get one then
      *curses school, and overpriced books/software!*. U_u;;
      Maybe I can find one in the second-hand market later,
      if he&#8217;s price doesn&#8217;t go up by then, that is. ^-^;;

      I look forward to seen owner photos of him, I hope people
      are kind enough to share him with us unlucky poor-folk. XD

      - Enzyme ^.^
    16. Only 16 and some are for the artists' friends. I fear it's going to be hard to get one. :(
    17. No, it's sixteen total.. I will be offering them on a first come, first served basis. It looks as if she wants me to open his ordering period on June first. Not sure about the price yet. I'm waiting for my translator to send me the English version back of what she wrote. Keep checking back for the latest!

    18. Any updates yet? I've been dying of anticipation!
    19. Taken from the order updates page at www.limhwa.com

      I'm still pondering whether I should take a shot at him or not. Only 16 dolls sounds like a major click war.:sweat
    20. I hope it's not a click war. I won't be by a computer until late that day so I might not even have a chance. :-/

      I wonder how much he will cost.