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Lina Chouchou Minis?

Jun 21, 2016

    1. Wondering if anyone has one? I've looked and looked and cannot seem to find any photos of the body for these MSDs anywhere D:

      Or their wig size.

      Would love that information from someone who has one.
    2. I honestly didn't know Lina Chouchou offered 1/4 dolls. Lavinia is too cute----I love her pout!! :love

      As for their wig size, the official listing states a head circumference of 7-8" so I'm guessing you'd be safe with a 7-8" wig.

      As for their bodies, you can see version 1 here and version 2 here. I hope this helps! :daisy
    3. Ahh you're my hero <3 I've been looking for body information all morning.

      I actually just started a layaway for Lavinia. xD
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    4. Welp, might need to make an official board for the 1/4 girls in here. I don't think one exists. :) It'll be a few months before I get Lavinia here, but I think she's adorable. It was actually a hard decision between her and Rosemary.. I hope the bodies pose well.
    5. Hooray! I helped! :XD:

      And ooooooooooo! Lucky! Congrats on ordering your Lavinia! :dance I hope you'll share lots of photos when she arrives. <3
    6. Lavinia is just two small payments away! Might have her by next month!

      I can't believe that these dolls are so hard to find (user photos) on DoA! They're so cute :3
    7. Lavinia is all paid. :) Now just need to see when she arrives at Dolk so that she can be sent to me.
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    8. My little Lavinia is home! :)

      She's not the most amazing poser though.. So I might be looking for a replacement body in the future. :3

    9. Hmm.. I think this is really her color. :)

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    10. Shes really cute! im glad you got the one you wanted ♥
    11. Thank you so much <3 I actually sent her off to get a new face up, because I wasn't feeling the company one :) Hopefully she comes home in another week or two!
    12. Aaaand she's home! <3 *Sigh*

      I fell in love all over again.

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    13. She's AMAZING. :love *swoons*
    14. Hello, I just got Lina Chouchou Odile so I think I should join this thread :XD:

      Here's her first picture :3nodding:
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