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Lina chouchou Tiny discussion part 1

Aug 5, 2010

    1. They are very cute and the website is so pretty as well. The only thing I saw that I didn't like, in one pic the body was very shiny.
    2. Do we know how big these adorable girls are, yet?
    3. Their height is 26cm, head circumference is 16.5cm and they take 16mm eyes. Well, that's what I got from their website.
    4. @VampireLover80 : ahhh, I just realized this :


      Maybe this is why we're attracted to these tinies....?
      Laila can totally pass as younger Yuria, she has the same nose, same lips, same eyebrows, only Yuria's eyes are smaller but she's a grown-up anyway ^^;;;

      And I guess the face-up artist is the same too? Their faceup styles look really similar. I know that the one who does Yuria's faceup is Samieru, but there's no info about LINA's artist....
    5. Hello~

      Just to let you know, we are the English language seller of Lina chouchou currently. :)

    6. Well, some of you might be interested to see the nude body photos. :) I was sent them this morning, so I have updated the listings on our site if anyone wants a look! Whether you are planning on ordering through us or waiting for Lina chouchou to have an english website, you still might be interested to read the details in English. And if I can help anyone with questions in the meantime, I'm very happy to! Piccies:


      What does everyone think?
    7. nice^^
      but it kind of reminds me of LM's bodies...especially the legs...
    8. oooh, thanks for posting those photos, SarahRachael.

      The body looks nice, sadly they don't have torso joint.... I wonder how well they poses without torso joint.

      And SarahRachael, the price in your site is including wig, clothes, and faceup right? In dollars they cost about $311....
      While in Lina's site the fullset will cost 340,000 won, I hope when they convert the price they will use the $311 price, not $340 like doll companies normally do :sweat (and $311 is already more expensive than 340,000 won too, 340,000 won = US$286)
    9. Rats..one piece body. SarahRachael, can you tell if the resin similar to that of other companies, such as Blue Fairy?
    10. Hi everyone- I'm new to DOA and to the world of BJDs in that I don't own a doll, yet. At the moment I am seriously considering going for the Lina Chouchou Rosy (ideally I would have Laila, too but the budget only allows for one right now!) The doll just ticks a lot of boxes for me in terms of size and look. But as a new line of dolls, there's very little feedback or information out there to inform a purchase, which is a little daunting for a first time doll buyer even at what seems like a relatively reasonable price!

      Has anyone here obtained a Lina chouchou doll- if so, I would absolutely love some pics and any advice about quality and posability.

    11. Not yet. If she had a waist joint, I'd buy her in a hot second. The rest of her looks well sculpted, and the price is very good. I've just personally found the one-piece body limiting in a Yo size doll, especially with the advances in articulation made over the last few years for bjds. I keep hoping they'll retool their torso mold :/
    12. The lack waist joint has concerned me a little too, since the other doll I am quite keen on is a Fairyland Littlefee and I gather they are amazing in terms of engineering. When I compare the pictures of the bodies of the two, I just wonder if I am going to regret buying the Lina if she turns out to be...clunky. Not that I have any particular dream poses in mind-and without ever actually having owned a doll, it's a little hard for me to tell how important it will be to me-but it's enough to make me hesitate. That said, I do find her face absolutely adorable.
    13. Came to me today girl "Valentine gift Amy" from lina chuchu
      Her name is Jenny, the whole box opening and photos on my flickr.
      She very beautiful, all perfectly packaged and clothing of excellent quality :aheartbea
    14. Sorry for the late reply - I thought I was subscribed to this thread, but obviously not!

      In terms of quality or colour? I've got a few in the shop now of the WS girls, I have some NS ones arriving this week too, so I'll do a resin colour comparison if it's useful. The WS is similar to Little Monica WS. It seems more pinky then the Fairyland WS, but that could be because my LTF is getting old so might have yellowed a bit in comparison.

      Quality wise, the resin is very nice! As good as Bluefairy & Little Monica in my opinion. All the accessories are very well made too, but have a handmade feel to them. I like it!

      Posing wise: not the best, although the body is aesthetically pleasing, I think. Nice little sitters, but standing is a bit floppy? Could be fixed with re-stringing though.

      If there any other questions, I'll try & help! I have a pic here of the body next to a few other types. Lina ChouChou is in the center. Bluefairy & DollnDoll to the left. Fairyland & Little Monica to the right.


      Got a picture of Sleepy Laila & Rosy all dressed up on my flickr. Pics of Amy & the NS versions coming soon!
    15. Ulanna Jenny is very pretty!

      SarahRachael- Thanks for the pictures and the info! I checked out Valentine Gift Amy and the NS open eyed girls on your Flickr and oh my, I do like them very much indeed. Rosy in particular looks so much like her "official" picture- I am very taken with her. On my wishlist for sure, despite the torso issue!
    16. hepcat Thank you!

      It is very strange that so few of these babies, they are so cute))
      Untitled by Ulanna, on Flickr
    17. Ulanna - What a cute picture of your girls! I wish LINA would release a white skin version of their dolls again. Sadly I didn't have the money to order one when it was available.
    18. babyelf Thank you very much!
      Yes, I now looked up, all dolls sweet project in sold out, but the basic are accessible from the home page.