Links to Doll ID Icons for Signatures

May 1, 2010

    1. Hello! Welcome to the Doll ID Icon thread! I’m Lhianna, and I’ll be managing the first few posts and updating them with new icons made by you, DoA’s users. Of course, if you need an icon made, please ask me, as I love to make them! :whee:

      BJD Icons on Livejournal – I recently created this site as an almost mirror image of an older site that has since been deleted. Please try looking here for your icon before requesting one! I’ve remade all of the icons on the above site and changed them into .gif files, as I find that these pixilate less than .jpeg files and are smaller in file size. I’ve also added more recent dolls and companies which can’t be found on Doll ID Icons.

      I could use your help! Do you have a favorite company? Do you like to stalk the News sub-forum looking for new dolls that catch your eye? If so, then please let me know when new icons need to be made, especially those for new companies. It’s very hard to keep track of all of the new dolls and companies by myself (there are over 100 companies on BJD Icons!), so I’d appreciate any help I can get. :sweat If you would like to help me out, please notify me when new icons need to be made by PM. This is so this thread won’t be clogged up with notices. :) Thanks!

      Original Doll Icon Sites​

      Volks Super Dollfie
      Angel Den (also has U-Noss)
      Contains all the Volks icons from the Japanese site linked below.
      Note: The 'tick' mark icons are for dolls with a faceup. The icons without a tick are for dolls who have no faceup yet or who are in the process of receiving a new faceup.
      Note: The Volks ones listed here have the doll names written in Japanese, and as such aren't really suitable for this forum, but the FCS ones may be useful.
      Volks Super Dollfie Icon Generator
      Generates icon with your doll's name and picture included. Instructions can be found here.

      Korean Dolls
      Has icons for: Angelregion, Blue Fairy, Dream of Doll, and Luts.
      Has icons for: a large number of CP/Luts dolls.

      Not exactly related but often requested, this is one site people often use to make the pixel dolls displayed in their avatars.


      How to Make Personalized Doll Icons for Signatures

      Doll Icons Made By Forum Members​

      The icon sites above are not complete, and as a result many forum members have made icons to fill the gaps. :) A link to the previous icon thread has been placed at the top of this thread for those who wish to find the old user-made icons. There are simply too many to transfer onto my own image hosting site, and many of them were pixilated, unreadable, or had broken links. Most of these I have remade and can be found on the new Livejournal site I have made, BJD ID Icons. :) Links to new icons made by users will be placed below (and in following posts).
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    2. Soom Argil is here [​IMG] ^^
    3. Do the colors mean anything or is that random??
      When I get my editing program I'd be more than happy to participate =]
    4. Hi! :)

      As far as I know, the icon colors are just a helpful way to tell the different companies apart, in addition to the letters found in the boxes on the left side. With every new company that pops up, it becomes harder and harder not to reuse letters that are already used by another company, but I try. :sweat

      As for where the colors come from, a lot of the icons for the older companies were already being used when I joined the hobby (Luts, Volks, Dollmore, Dollzone, etc.), so I made blank icon bases for each company using the colors they already had. For new companies, though, I take color samples from their websites or banners to create a new icon for them. :) Volks is the only company with multiple colored icons, as they're used to tell the difference between sizes, etc. The other companies (at least on my site) are all one color for all sizes.

      Of course, this is just how I make the icons. You're welcome to make them however you'd like. ;)
    5. Hi! I'd like to request icons for Jie dolls! (I need Michel and Phny) And the BlueBlood/Jie doll crossover project Gen-X (I need Salem)

      Also, Mystic Kids (I need Miri!)
    6. I'd like to request an icon for Blueblood Dolls / Jie Vanilla. Thanks!
    7. i made a few for my own sig thingy when i noticed there were a few sculpts that i own not on the list, so here's my three :3
      Luts Delf Arwen

      Dollmore White Vert Reaa (i can edit it for the other ones if anyone wants, just pm me :) )

      LTF BB Rara
    8. Hi, could I request for these 2 to be added?

      1. Volks - DWC-01 , DWC-02
      2. LLT - Roderich Open Eyes

      Thank you :D
    9. aww i couldnt find dollzone or dollshe on ur blog~

      so i made a few for my dolls
      (dollshe saint and bernard) [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      And doll-zone memphis and leslie... [​IMG] [​IMG]

      did also for my soom mega gem wolf, and mini gem crow [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (made sabik too coz the one i got from the blog got corrupted somehow :( )

      but can i request...

      supia doll : Muse

      and volks SD GOU: beast ^^"....! pretty please!!!!!!!!

      and heres all the letters!!!! i collected them from different names, pasted on a transparent BG! would be easier to make names now^-^
    10. I need one for Mirodoll Wind!
    11. I made some for myself and thought I should share them here!

      [​IMG] EndlessBJD CTY Hydra
      [​IMG] Soom Mecha Angel Antares
      [​IMG] Volks MSD Yuuto
      [​IMG] Spiritdoll Snowdrop
      [​IMG] Akagi Doll You Yue
      [​IMG] Crobidoll Hana
      [​IMG] Crobidoll Zia
      [​IMG] Doll-Love Elsie
      [​IMG] Dollshe Husky (Tan)
      [​IMG] Mystic Kids Lawrence
      [​IMG] Ringdoll Edward
      [​IMG] Souldoll Stella
    12. I'd like to suggest a correction:
      Should actually be "Lan", with an "L"

      Also, a lot of the Resinsoul sculpts are listed under the Bobobie company, and this isn't correct - even though BBB does sell both, some of them are Resinsoul sculpts.
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    13. Just wondering for those who have made them, what font do you use? It would be a million times easier to just type it in rather than copying/pasting from other banners for letters.

      I've tried to get a similar font but it just never matches!
    14. Don't know, if I'm right, but after trial-and-error method, I think I've found the font! It's "Small Fonts" in 7 (or 6) pt size. Hope, this helps.