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Lishe in stock

Jun 10, 2005

    1. I don't know if this was posted yet, but Lishe is now in stock on www.eluts.com

      ...sadly El is not :(
    2. With the coming of Lishe, nearly all the other dolls made a break for it. ;-; Heck, even the Kid delfs are going faster than cake at a Jenny Craig. :cry:
    3. YES! ^o^!!! Finally! *dances* Thanks for the update! <3
    4. Only you can't actually order her... :evil: *pokes at site* What's up with that?
    5. Did she sell out that fast?? Nah, can't be.....Can it?
    6. She's still listed as in stock... at least, there's no "Out of Stock" sign on her... but when you go to order it's still got the whole this item is either out of stock or blablabla thing... :?

      Maybe they just didn't get around to fixing that part yet? Or she went out of stock so fast they haven't caught up? I was gonna give it some time to fix itself before writing them to ask what was up.

      Did anybody get to order one this time around? Was she there and we just missed it?
    7. Indeed. *_*
      Girl Ani was instock this morning at 2 when I was up and now it's noon and it's gone...

      I was hoping for a Jeong too :cry:
    8. The other day I tried to order her because she was not showing as out of stock, but had the same problem. I e-mailed Luts and Lovely Sean e-mailed on 6/7 that Lishe will be in stock in 1 to 3 weeks.

      I went ahead and did an order thru Liria, and my Lishe with make-up is due to be shipped out this coming Thursday!

      So I suggest that starting this Sunday evening (for us here in North and South America) check the Luts site. It could be they are getting ready to have her back in stock real soon!

      Good luck to everyone!

      edited to add: Check that, you might want to check sooner than Sunday, 'cuz I just got an e-mail from Lovely Sean about something else I ordered, so people are working Sat at Luts. Lol, maybe all our demands for dolls and stuff is making them work overtime!
    9. eek i hope that luts dosen't decide to do the same thing as blue fairy because of all the demand!

    10. Perish the thought!!! :o Let's all write to them and tell them how much we love them and their dolls!
    11. don't think I have ever caught any in stock. I guess when I get up the money, I can get up at 4 instead of 4:30am and check before work.