List of 1/3 BJDs with Grey Skin

Aug 16, 2009

    1. Hi there!! I fall in love with dolls in greyskin...I just saw again D.GrayMan for the 3rd I have the insane idea to think what doll is the best to do a Tiky Mikk cosplay :doh
      Anyhow, I wonder which large size bjd have this particular colour of skin?

      List of bjd in grey skin:

      Souldoll Chiron
      Soom Euclase
      Soom Onyx
      DOD Kalix
      DOD Delphine
      Bobobie Dan
      Bobobie Dai
      Bobobie Yun
      Leeke Dark Rihael
      MSdoll Devil Drayton
      Dollzone Violeta Hallowmas

      some Spiritdolls (maybe)

      Do you know someone else?
      Thanks for your attention! :)
    2. You've gotten every sculpt I've heard of being released in grey skin. fwiw.

      Ann in CT
    3. There's also a group order for grey skin Spiritdolls going on right now I believe.
    4. I hope there are not so few :(

      really?? I don't know that Spiritdolls have also this colour, in the site there are only ws,ns or tan.
    5. Leeke's Dark Rihael is also grey. :3
    6. I'm looking for one as well ^_^ If I find anything >.> <.< I SHALL POST IT HERE!
    7. MSdoll also released a gray devil Drayton ^^ He is a lot lighter than DoD Kalix though~ But a lovely shade of gray :daisy
    8. I hope you find it! :)

      you're right! what a beautiful guy! :D I add them to the first post.
    9. A little update for adding a new grey skin doll, the new limited edition Violeta by Dollzone. :D
    10. Resinsoul makes gray resin :fangirl:
      and the limited edition Luna EID from Iplehouse is a gray resin. I would totally get her...but first I lack the funds and second I have no idea what I would do with her... :...(

      Oh and spiritdoll ran a limited group order for the gray resin, because a bunch of people were requesting gray resin. I'm not sure if they'll make it a regular thing. (I wish that most companies would make gray resin and tan resin for that matter!)
    11. Guess you can add Soom Galena to the list now too ^^
    12. Also Impldoll's LE Christopher & LE Edward.
    13. you can also order any of bobobie's doll's in grey skin as well. I ordered their charisma head on a resinsoul body in grey skin and it went really well!
    14. I know this is a long shot... But might anyone know if Iplehouse grey would match Resinsoul grey?
    15. The gray Spiritdolls are limiteds, so (as of right now) they're not a standard color that you could order with any Spiritdoll.
    16. I'm so glad this is all in one place. I really want a grey doll but was having such a hard time finding them to compare.
    17. hmm im wondering about companies that offer gray resin as a non-limitd option`
      other than resinsoul

      looking for a cute 1/3 grey lady ^^"

      is it just me or the link doesnt work....? :(
    18. Iplehouse does grey now. Their CDS would allow you to get a grey lady in 1/3 size (only available from the 1st-15th each month). Also, realize that link is from 2009.
      Withdoll does grey but their dolls are MSD's. I'm looking at trying to find a grey body for my Iplehouse Lisa extra head and Withdoll is looking like my only option considering the neck size.
    19. You should be able to get any of the Bobobie and Resinsoul large sculpts in grey or dark grey resin ^^