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List of 1/4 girls with grey skin (not limited)

May 19, 2011

    1. Hello! I am interested in getting a grey skin girl
      but I am not going to get a 1/3 which is too big for me:doh
      I heard that soom produce grey skin dolls..but they are limited and mostly 1/3
      so I would like to know if anybody knows that any company has grey skin options for basic dolls!

      Really thanks!
    2. You can get any Bobobie or Resinsoul doll in any size in grey resin. They're also releasing a new darker grey resin, that is currently special order only, and not on either site. The Lilac resin is also far more grey, with purple undertones to it. You can mix and match any head with any body, too, when you order through Bobobie. Through Resinsoul you can mix and match any of their heads with any of their bodies.

      Impldoll also offers a grey resin color for any of their dolls, so far as I can tell.

      For either company, the grey resin is an extra cost. If I remember right it's $12 extra through RS or BBB, and $20 through Impldoll.
    3. Thanks Ayas-Shadow for your information!

      I wonder if dikadoll grey matches with resinsoul grey? Because I don't like the dikadoll 1/4 body which is too young ...I would like a more mature one