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List of all 50cm ranged dolls

Jul 14, 2010

    1. Ummm feel free to move or delete ^^
      I just searched and it seems there are no single topic for listing all available 50cm ranged dolls, and people are asking continuously, so I think a list will be useful?
      Maybe this thread can be moved to the 'Links Out' board, if the mods think this is more appropriate there.

      Anyway, I think the sizes that qualified for 50cm range :
      Girls : 50-54 cm
      Boys : 50-56 cm
      What do you think? Do you think 57-58cm boys are counted for 50cm or 60cm range? Suggestions are welcomed :)

      So, the list of all 50cm dolls I know so far :
      Bobobie - 50cm girls
      Oceanmoon Bo-nee & Ha-nee - 50cm girls
      Dollmore Zaoll - 52cm girls
      iMda Doll Natassa - 52cm girl
      Dollstown Elf Line - 53 cm girls (scroll down until the elf section, or here for the body information post)
      Souldoll Vito - 52cm boys
      Luts Junior Delf - 56cm boys
      Glorydoll - 56.5 cm boys

      and Thread about clothes for 50-56cm dolls

      Feel free to add/give suggestions!
    2. You might want to look through these two threads for some additions:

      [thread=24707]Small or Short girls - under 60cm[/thread]

      [thread=71653]Small or Short boys - under 60cm[/thread]
    3. @greeniebone : added to the list :)

      @idrisfynn : ah yes, I'm aware of those threads too, and I've added the dolls that I think are in the 50 cm range.. I'm still not sure about 55 cm girls, are they into the 50 or 60 range. 56 cm girls are definitely in the 60 range, I think.
      And the boys too, are 57 cm boys in the 60 range? They're definitely shorter than most of the 60 cm range girls, but will still look good with them.
    4. Aria Dolls 14 Years Boy Body is 56cm, as are the Glorydoll boys. I'm uncertain but their girls may also be shorter than average as well. Unfortunately neither of these bodies have any sort of torso joint.

      Dollstown also has an Elf Type girl body which is 53cm tall.
    5. Souldoll's double girls are in the 50cm range. I believe they are 52cm? I think their double guys run closer to 60cm.
    6. @inky : ah, the ariadoll boys are indeed 56 cm, but it seems they're sold out or limited, so I don't include them in the list (at least for now :))

      @Anneke : souldoll double girls are 55 cm, I'm still debating whether 55 cm girls are considered in the 60 cm or 50 cm line. Thanks for your info, btw!
    7. Obitsu makes an adorable 50cm girl. :) Best posing ever! She is vinyl.
    8. This is great! A little late though as I decided to go with SD10 xD

      I think they are supposed to be 56cm... will know when I get the body ^^
    9. Souldoll hasn't released anything on it yet, but their Soul Vito line is supposed to a 50CM line. Whether it's a line of really tall MSDs or a set of really short SDs is still out.

      Also, would it be worth noting that Lati's Blue line boys are 48CM?
    10. If so, you may also wish to take note of DiM's Happy Boys as they are also 48cm, rather solidly built (not slim minis at all), and with the right face-up can be made to look like a shorter adult.
    11. I am looking for a short SD doll like around 50cm-55cm most likely. But just give me some ideas if you could and if you can also post who makes them and maybe their website if you can that would be awesome ^^.

      Also, I did have a Zaoll Muse and personally I didn't like their body possibility, but just let me know anyway thanks ^^

      Male or female is fine
    12. Are you looking for males or females?

      Soul doll and BBB have dolls in that range. Serendipity has a boy body that's on the shorter end (I have one, it's quite nice) -- while Serendipity is no longer around, I think Doll N Doll sells some of their sculpts. Volks SDs are also on the shorter side and the old version of the CH girl body is also smaller -- not 50 cm small, but a good bit shorter than my 60cm girls. If you like vinyl dolls, there is a 50cm obitsu girl body that has great posibility, and a 55 cm boy. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head, though there might be more floating around.
    13. Check out Shinydoll ^^
    14. the new Dollfie Dream Sister is in this range as well at 50cm. I cannot wait for her. :D
    15. They may be going into the 60cm range but dollndoll's King and Queen series are 58cm and 55cm respectively. ^^
    16. The Lati red line Irene is a 55cm girl~ <3
    17. Souldoll Double now has new bodies which make the girls have a total length of 53cm, you can choose between the old body, which is 55cm, or the new ones.