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List of Dollheart Fers?

Jan 19, 2009

    1. Please move if it doesn't belong here.

      After so many webstore exclusives and such, I'm still scrambling around trying to compile a list of every color Fer that existed.

      I'm currently working on a massive undertaking (every color of Fer for real people!) and I can't remember them all!

      So I was wondering if you all could help me compile the list of existing Fer colors.

      Thank you! :D
    2. I posted this on another forum a while back:


      It's not up-to-date since I haven't added to it since last June, but that might be a good start. ^_^ Here's the short version from that post of just the colors, distributor, and release date as of June 2008:

      Dollheart direct


      Dolls and Friends
      -Wine - July 2007
      -Mint - July 2007
      -Ivory - August 2007
      -Dusty Rose - Original release September 2007, Re-release April 2008
      -Pewter - Original release November 2007, Re-release April 2008
      -Indigo - November 2007
      -Blue Sky - February 2008
      -Lavender - June 2008
      -Cherry Blossom (upcoming release Summer 2008)
      -Black - Re-release June 2008
      -White - Re-release June 2008

      -Royal Purple - May 2008
      -Antique Lace - June 2008

      -Black - Re-release June 2008
      -White - Re-release June 2008

      Since then I know Featherfall released a Victorian Pink one, and there have been a few releases of colors in the mini size.
    3. I have a mint green MSD fer from AU/ Angels Cave (see link for a forum in my sig)

      Royal purple from Featherfall

      Chocolate brown from BJDdollarama
    4. :o I was actually planning to use something similar to a fer to design my wedding dress! I would love to see this massive undertaking of yours! :fangirl:
    5. often there are dye jobs on fers too
    6. I've noticed this.

      I'm making all the Fers for the sake of experience, and am holding a photoshoot where all of them will be modeled at once by many different people.

      My problem is that there ARE many different pink fers - I don't want too many pinks in the photos.

      Some of my models requested a custom color that hasn't been made yet, like Yellow, sunshine yellow, emerald, bright red, etc.*_*

      EDIT: The list that thefontbandit posted seems to have all of them. Unless anyone else can point out any more, I think this thread can be closed! Thank you guys!! ^_^
    7. There was also the 'oops' Fer from Featherfall. (It may have already been mentioned and I missed it.) That was the "Victorian Pink" one that Dollheart sent by accident when the Antique Lace ones were originally ordered. :)
    8. Wasn´t there another Chocolate Fer released back in 2007 or something that isn´t the same as the Milk Chocolate Fer recently released by BJDdollarama? I think there´s a photo of that "old" Chocolate in the Fer photo thread? I can´t remember the name of the seller, only that they were banned from DoA. Does anyone know or remember anything about it?
    9. On the MSD side of things, DollHeart also did a pale blue one for one of the conventions... I don't remember what they actually called the color, though. I had no luck getting one for Norami. 8P
    10. They're different? I never realized. I thought the BJDollarama one was the same as the one they released along time ago.
    11. They're the same. The ones released late last year were a rerelease of the original color. (I have one.)
    12. Good to see this confirmed, I really thought they were a different shade ^-^´.
    13. I did too after I found photos of each and the shade was different:

      ^I have 'swatches' taken from both milk chocolate and chocolate fer photos here.

      Most of the photos I found of the original chocolate fer practically looked purple, and then I saw the more recent "milk" chocolate that actually looked brown. This could just be due to inconsistencies in all the different owner photo's lighting. ^^;;;
    14. Ooh does anyone have a full picture of either of the Chocolate Fers? I didn't know they had such a color, it sounds delicious!:aheartbea
    15. I bought the Wine Fer in '07 and have been obsessive about them ever since, LOL. :sweat The milk chocolate (aka: chocolate) Fer was released twice from BJDollarama which may have caused the name confusion.

      The following is cross-posted on the "Show me your Dollheart Fer" thread (post#140):


      Here is a Fer list I have been keeping for my own help.
      - UPDATED 04/20/11 -
      The Black SD/SD13 Fer is currently available from NDoll.com. I am assuming this is a re-release.

      _SD size_____________
      1 - White - DH & general re-release (JPop/Dolls&Friends/Featherfall/BJDollarama/nDoll/etc.)
      2 - Black - DH & general re-release (JPop/Dolls&Friends/Featherfall/BJDollarama/nDoll/etc.) The Black SD/SD13 Fer is currently available from NDoll.com
      3 - Wine - Dolls&Friends exclusive
      4 - Ivory - Dolls&Friends
      5 - Mint (green) - Dolls&Friends
      6 - Dusty Rose - Dolls&Friends
      7 - Indigo - Dolls&Friends; 5/09 rerelease? by Jpop
      8 - Milk Chocolate - BJDollarama exclusive
      9 - Pewter - Dolls&Friends
      10 - Sky Blue - Dolls&Friends
      11 - Royal Purple - Featherfall exclusive
      12 - Lavendar - Dolls&Friends exclusive
      13 - Antique Lace - Featherfall exclusive
      14 - Cherry Blossom - Dolls&Friends exclusive
      15 - Victorian Pink - Featherfall exclusive (result of DH mistake on Antique Lace fer )
      16 - Indian Pink - ? possible nDoll.com exclusive
      17 - Golden - LE 40, exclusive to GoGaDoll 2009 (formerly Dollectable); one of these Fers was hand embellished by a local artist and raffled at the convention.
      18 - Persimmon - LE 40, exclusive to Featherfall. This Fer is a limited edition of only 40 peices.

      _Unoa/MNF/MSD size______________
      1 - Blue Lady (sky blue) - Dollectable 2008 exclusive, but also showed up on nDoll
      2 - Dark Violet - BJDollarama exclusive
      3 - Pale Green - Angel Unlimited exclusive
      4 - Crimson (wine red) - Featherfall exclusive
      5 - Snow (white) - general release (DH/Featherfall/JPop/DenverDoll/BJDollarama/nDoll/etc.)
      6 - Dark (black) - general release (DH/Featherfall/JPop/DenverDoll/BJDollarama/nDoll/etc.)
      7 - Dark Blue (indigo) - Sweet 'n Honey exclusive
      8 - O-Hanami (pink) - Featherfall exclusive

      For more photos of just the UNOA/MSD size Fers, please check out the "Show your Dollheart Fer for Minis" thread.

      _SD boy - "Homme Fer"_____________]
      1 - Darke Homme Fer (black, SD13 boy sized) - DOA 5th anniversary exclusive - this is a limited time release availible until 8/11/09; see the news post for more info.

      _YoSD size______________
      1 - White - DH & general release
      2 - Black - DH & general release

      Things to note:

      - The Fer dress sets are currently made in three sizes: SD/SD13, UNOA/MSD slim, and YoSD. Dollheart is also in the process of releasing human size Fers in black and white (I have seen them in person and they are wonderful; they use the same fabrics as the doll versions). As of 8/09, DH released a "Homme Fer" for SDboys as an exclusive for DOA's 5th anniversary.

      - All the Fer colors include 5 parts (6 individual pieces total): a one-piece dress, a cross necklace, a long coat, a pair of wristlets and a pannier. The type of netting used for the pannier is the only thing I have noticed that varies from color to color. Sometimes certain parts of the oufit will not perfectly match the rest (i.e. the wristlets)... I assume this is due to variances in the dye process for each color, and how it reacts to the fabric types.

      - I have only ever seen a minute color variance (maybe 2%) in between a color's 1st & 2nd releases. There are many factors (lighting/camera/etc.) that can cause a Fer to range in color from one photo to the next. The darker Fer colors can often appear black. And I don't think I could color match two photos of the dusty rose fer to save my life... that color varies so much depending on the lighting.

      - Some people have dyed their Fers to get custom colors.

      - The Fer colors are most often exclusive to an individual store. Releases tend to be every few months and are sold primarily as pre-orders. Joining store mailing lists can help keep you updated on new releases. The Fers often have 2 releases/pre-order periods.

      - These are the sites I continually check for Fer sales:
      Denver Doll Emporium
      Angel Cave (formerly Angels Unlimited)
      Sweet 'n Honey
      Dolls and Friends (Dolls&Friends has closed/retired and is now offline)
      Dollesque (formerly BJDollarama)

      I have also seen some general release colors at Dolk. They now have an English site, but their items are not the same. If anyone has other sites, please let me know and I'll add the store to the list! ;)

      Here is a quick photo of all my Fers while I still have them. :sweat I will post better & labeled photos ASAP. Please note, the Dark Blue/Indigo Fer in the MSD size photo is the SD sized one since I do not own the MSD version. The Black Fer in the SD size Fer photo is the MSD size because the SD one was hiding... and after organizing 23 Fers, I wasn't about to go digging for it. Besides, black is black, so it ain't really worth being picky over. ;) Also, the Ivory SD Fer is not pictured because I don't own it right now. You can see it here in an older batch of my Fers.

      - MSD/MSD-Slim/UNOA/MNF -

      Clockwise from 12 o'clock: Pale Green, Snow (white), O-Hanami, Crimson (wine red), Royal Purple, Dark (black), Dark Blue (Indigo), Blue Lady (sky blue).

      - SD/SD-13 -

      Royal Purple

      Cherry Blossom
      Victorian Pink
      Indian Pink
      Dusty Rose

      Antique Lace


      SD Wine, Dusty Rose, Ivory, Pewter, Mint & Chocolate Fers (all from the first release of each color):

      SD Wine Fer verses MSD Crimson Fer:

      SD Victorian Pink Fer in natural daylight and with flash:

      4 SD pink Fers (as of 2/09) in natural daylight:

      4 SD pink Fers (as of 2/09) with flash:

    16. Wow, I used to have that many fers myself but I sold them all. O_O;;

      I'm trying to find accurate, non-blurry, non badly lit photos of the actually dresses: Antique Lace, Mint, and Victorian Pink.
    17. wow, red rosin, thank you so much! I really regret selling my wine and pewter fers. Most gorgeous colors ever! ^^;;

      my gods... I've owned the wine, pewter, white, and dusty rose fers. Fer Sickness is real, people. So real. lol <3 (and if they ever offer them again, someone please send me a heads' up^^)
    18. I just bought a pale green fer of the market, and I've been looking up all of the colors. Does anyone know how hard the antique lace is to get one's hands on at this point (sorry if I'm a bit off topic)?