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List of Vampire BJDs

May 3, 2009

    1. Hi everyone, I am still a newbie to BJDs and I was wanting to know the name of every Vampire BJD that has ever been made. I would appreciate any comments back. Thanks!!! :)
    2. lol that might be a tough one, i'm not sure if this goes into the bjd database or not xD; Have you tried searching there for the vampy sculpts etc?
    3. Here's the ones i know of...

      Vampire Shiwoo
      Vampire elf Chiwoo
      Vampire Elf Lishe
      Vampire Elf El
      Vampire Moon
      Breakaway Sleeping Vampire
    4. I know offhand that AoD's Chi (1/4 size) is also a "vampire" sculpt (canted ears and visible fangs).
    5. there are some MNF's that are vampires too.

      MNF Elf Shiwoo Sleeping Vampire
      MNF Elf Shushu Sleeping Vampire
      MNF Elf Woosoo Vampire Girl and Boy
    6. I have a DIM Happy Benetia and shes a Vampire :D
    7. Doll In Mind Kassia and Bellosse in SD size and Benetia in msd size

      Oh and I forgot they had a Tiny named Silf too.
    8. Dollzone Yume and I think theres a male version as well
    9. nanuri '07 and vampires IL and Tea by orientdoll
      (orientdoll can be found on denverdoll and leekeworld but those are 44 cm, so those are minis)
      Kalix and the female(i forget her name) from dream of doll but those are limiteds. A lot of vamps are limiteds
      Female soo dark elf vamp sculpt by luts...
    10. other ones that haven't seen to be mentioned:


      DoI: Kalix
      DoT: Delphine, Black Ducan (one-off)
      DoC: Ivan (2nd ver.), Kirill (2nd ver.)

      Angel Studio: Van, Gavin, Vain-Count version

      Migidoll: Miho-vamp, Ryu-vamp
    11. MSDoll Devil Drayton as well
    12. There is Elfdoll Pandora LE50 the elf vampire. She has elf ears and tiny vampire teeth
    13. Luts dark elf soo vampire
      Feeple ashley vampire head (comes with the normal Ashley)
      Luts delf Lu-wen vampire head (comes with the normal Lu-Wen)
    14. I have a gorgeous vampire couple from Dolkot that I absolutely love (they make some beautiful vampires with gorgeous ensembles), DIM's Kassia (already mentioned) and the very handsome Galahad to add to the list.
    15. I have DIM Love Galahad. He is a vampire.
    16. Elfdoll also made a Red Vampire LE. He doesn't have elf ears though.
    17. There is the one from Notdoll Labs too....Amelia or something like that?
    18. there's also Jaime doll's special little vampire versions of Winny, Huey, Grown up Ara, and Grown up Vito.
    19. Ivy Tamwood Living Vampire