Little Boy clothes for Orientdoll

Nov 6, 2006

    1. Where can I get some cute boy clothes for my OD Ye? I dont really like the kelly tommy clothes (they look kinda cheap to me) Does anyone here make boy clothes? All I find are pretty girl stuff :|
    2. I know Valli and Tinybear make clothing for that size. I know Tinybear has a little Vamp boy at that so I'm sure she must have boy clothing.

      I wanted some for my boy and I had to resort to making my So Ui his clothing. Just check my sale thread in my signature if your curious.
    3. Hi Margarita_rosa,

      I have a little boy YE. I'm still working on some little pants for him! I made him a little "wife-beater" style tank, and I could probably make you one, too.

      I'm going to try some iron ons soon.
    4. I plan on getting a vampire Ye and will be wanting clothes, too.

      Delicateangel, if you ever decide to produce more of the wife beaters, I would be interested in one for him.

    5. Cute outfit .. Margarita-Rosa has made some jeans for my vampire ji and I am waiting for their arrival. Such an adorable little boy .. where did you get his wig from because I think Bao-Bao needs one too :-)