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Apr 10, 2018

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      Some of you already know this brand but some others do not...
      I'm here to introduce Little Cosmos ·dolls·
      <<extraterrestrial dolls looking for parents>>
      The story of the brand's name is here. Check it out if you have time, it's a short story.

      It's a small Barcelona's based company of articulated dolls.
      It began in 2014 but the first release was in summer 2015.
      I'm the one who is behind the brand and the sculptor, nice to meet you!

      The first doll released was Robin. Although this mold is currently discontinued,
      the new version, Robin vII in tea skin, is available until May 9th.


      Little Cosmos ·dolls· has already released 4 sculpts in 2018:
      - Oliver / Olivia (Boy Basic Body or Girl Basic Body) in Strawberry skin
      - Bastian (Girl Basic Body) in Tea Skin and soon in Saffron skin
      - Atlas (Fantasia Body) in Chocolate and Light Blue skin
      -Robin vII (Fantasia body) in Tea Skin

      Below I'll leave some pictures of them, feel free to check them out as well as the site:
      Site | (for more pictures of them)
      Shop |
      Instagram | @littlecosmosdolls

      Oliver and Bastian (saffron skin):

      **Skin comparison between Saffron and Tea**
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
      And Robin:

      LC·d· are ON TOPIC
      Thank you for your interest and sorry if I put too many pictures...
      If you have a Little Cosmos ·dolls· I'd love to see them!

      Have a nice day
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