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Little elf dolls

Jul 28, 2010

    1. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section but was wondering where to start looking for a tiny sized bjd elf and I reallly want one. Any suggestions?
    2. What kind of size are you looking for? There are cute elves all the way from Yo-SD scale (about 26cm tall) down to super tiny Realpukis (about 10cm tall).
    3. looking more at the Yo-SD scale, I didnt want to get a puki just yet wanted something in between a MSD and a puki but more towards a larger tiny msd if that makes sense
    4. Impldoll has some cute little guys and gals. Me personally, I like their Tree-Baby Harley. Their website's impldoll.com
      Bambicrony has some cuties also.
    5. I had a look at Bambicrony already and fell in love with the Elf Gun but they are sold out and I cant seem to find someone willing to sell theirs so I'm looking for a replacement (if thats even possible)
      I had a look at the Impldoll ones, they are cute but I'm not sure if I really want on of those. Specifically looking for an elf as I just love those elf ears ^.^;;

      Sorry, I forgot to say thankyou for replying.
    6. Soon tinies (the monthly ones) have some cute elf ears. Haha racking my brains not working tonight. Bobobie has elf tinies I believe, so does Unoa, and I believe Dream of doll's DoBs have elf ears

      and awe. I know how ya feel, I fell in love with the BC Kumi and Roko lavender elves and can never find them on the MP when I have money ;(
    7. awwww I feel for you Zeta-Byte. There were some BC Gun elves on the MP a while back and I book marked them but I suppose they have been up too long because now the link isnt working :( I would really like to see if they managed to sell them or not.

      Well I had a look at DOD, their small ones dont have elf ears, though they are cute. The Unoa site is confusing, I'm not even sure if I have the right website and I'm not entirly sure about the Bobobie ones....sometimes I'm soooo picky
    8. There are a couple of Fairyland LittleFees with the elf ears around that size. Also Lati has just released a limited Green Line tan boy (30cm) with elf ears (he's adorable - it's all I can do to stop myself from running over there are grabbing one!). The Bobobie/Resin Soul ones are very cute. There's actually a pretty good selection of elf ear dolls around that size. If you are looking for one with a more mature type body, there's a cute little Planetdoll elf girl. I know there are even more, but it is late and I am tired and the brain isn't coming up with these company names like it normally would!
    9. Thanks DarkStar, I'll check out those companies to see them
    10. Well, Bambicrony is supposedly re-releasing their elves as standards sometime this year.... according to their announcement when they stopped selling the whole line last year. I don't know if they've changed their plans since then or if it's just taking a while, but if they keep their word they should have elves for sale again sometime this year. Not sure if every sculpt would be included but if you really have your heart set on a Bambicrony it might be worth asking them on their Q&A or just waiting to see what they release.

      I think all of the companies that make Yo-sized elves have been listed already (or at least all I can think of off the top of my head). I know Leeke made a couple of elf sculpts a while back but they were limited and I'm not sure whether they have any plan to release more.
    11. ooooo i sure hope they are :) that would make my whole week! I just sent them the question, so we will see how it goes.
      Going to have a look at the MsDoll now, thanks for posting the link, I probably wouldn't have found it without it XD
    12. maybe much smaller than you are interested in, but Elfdoll Olivia, Kai, and friends have cute elf ears. Oh yeah and Fairyland just came out with more real pukis.
    13. Asleep Eidolon (mint on card) has a 30cm elf named Hana. I think she is very cute.
    14. Also, for tinies (10cm) FairyGarden (DD-Anne) makes adorable little pointy eared dolls. Also tinybear's Sleeping Elf dolls are wonderful but also at the smaller end of the scale. Plus a new company, Dream High Studios (these dolls are carried by Luxour Academy) has some wonderful tiny, tiny fantasy eared dolls!