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Little Fair headcaps?

Mar 12, 2005

    1. I'm really inexperienced when it comes to BJD... :oops: I've had Nell (Little Fair Ren) for almost two months now, and I still don't know how to take her headcap off. I've looked all over the internet (granted, my web-searching skills are nothing to be proud of) but I can't find any pictures or explanations of how the caps are connected to the head, and I know it's different for different brands of dolls, so I'm not sure... I think, based on what I've seen, that it's an S-hook? I've tried taking it off a couple of times, but I always get scared and think I'm doing it wrong...I feel really stupid for asking such a basic question, but I don't want to end up doing something wrong and breaking her! :cry:

      :| It doesn't really help that everytime I start trying to figure it out, my mother comes up behind me and goes, ":o OH MY GOD!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK HER!!"

      I just want to know how to take it off, in case I ever need to take her apart or anything...so if anyone can tell me what type of headcap the Little Fairs have, how to take it off/put it back on, anything else, I'd really appreciate it. :grin: Thanks!
    2. Hiya!

      I have a pic of what it looks like on the inside of my LF Dana:

      Then the headcap is attached to the s-hook using a small rubberband (loop rubberband through small hook on the headcap, fold in half, and put the ends in the s-hook).. I'm sorry for the weird explanation. If you want, I can post a pic for you..

      How is your girl's headcap attached? If using a rubber band, you can pull it off and set it aside and change her eyes (if your purpose to take off her headcap was to change eyes) .. erm anyway, I'll wait for your reply.
    3. Thank you!! :D It's clearer now that I actually know what the inside of the head looks like...I think I understand what you mean by the rubber-band, but a picture would be helpful if you have one. Just so I'm sure I haven't gotten confused. ^^;;;

      I'm not entirely sure how the cap is attached...:oops: Like I said, I'm really inexperienced, but I haven't done anything to it since I got her, so however they attached it, that's how it would be attached. (Ha, now I feel extra-stupid. *_*)

      Thank you so much!
    4. Here you go, a pic of the rubber band folded in two and attached to the s-hook:

      And pic of the headcap 'put aside' while I'm free to change her eyes..

      Make sure you use a short and small rubber band but sturdy for all the eye changing you're going to do.. Have fun! And don't worry, these dolls are the greatest because they are very very customizable, that's most of the fun there! For eg: in that pic I posted before, my girl's head couldn't move much, couldn't tilt her head sideways.. nothing. Its the strings pulling the head straight all the time. So my friend Seph who already had 3 boys by then ^^ advised me to use a washer but since I don't have a metal one and no idea how to modify a hard metal thing, she used a bottle cap (as u can see in the pics above) as substitute and now my girl can move, tilt.. look up and down.. so happy T_T; If you're not satisfied with something with these doll, you can definitely mod it to be what you wanted..

    5. Thank you SO much! :grin: I just put in a rubber band, and now the headcap is VERY easy to manage...that's an incredible piece of advice, I never would have thought of it on my own. :D Thank you!
    6. SephXIII came up with the idea.. I'm sure you would too after a while of research, or a straight out question like you did. Glad it helped you as it did me! ^___^
    7. Awe thansk guys! I got my headcap to comne off easier by doing that! :D
    8. Ok, i have a question about the knot in the head. I took apart my Wi doll and the knot was something i've never seen or been able to do. Just wondering what kind of knot it is and how to do it XD!
    9. usually just a plain overhand knot works
    10. When I first got Raziel, a doll-loving friend of mine came over and wanted to see inside his head, so I had to figure out how to take it off. But then it wouldn't budge, so I handed him over to my friend. She managed to ... I dunno, twist it to the side, or something... And after we got a look into his head, she twisted it back on.

      I haven't done anything with the headcap since then. ^^; I'm paranoid that if I take it off wrong, I won't be able to put it back on.
    11. *dies* This thread is over a year old now. I'm happy to say I've by this point taken my girl fully apart twice (with no headcap problems! ;)) and put her back together just fine. ^^

      I really recommend the rubberband trick -- once you get the headcap off of the S-hook, it's really difficult to put it back on, but the rubberband helps IMMENSELY (the trick is just getting it short enough so that the headcap isn't loose) and will solve all your headcap woes. Thank you again, lisadragon~! XD
    12. Hehe, thanks. ^_^. I'll probably try that out once I have a non-limited to experiment with. I'm too paranoid to do anything to Raziel right now.
    13. Looks like you're almost there, judging by your signature -- good luck! :sumomo:
    14. :D Another couple of paychecks! ^_^. (Approximately. The price is in USD, while my savings are in CAD...)
    15. Sniffles, you're welcome <3 You've figured out the trick too ^_~

      And good luck as well AniDragon =3 I know you're worried about Raziel as he is limited, but restringing won't hurt him! *hugs*sends lots of muscles for future restringing*