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Little Genie by angelregion-tell me about them

Oct 23, 2007

    1. im thinking of getting a couple Little Genie by Ar but i dont know much about themso could someone (or somebodies) please tell me about them.
      thank you
    2. They rock. My Lilica, Fee, is my absolute favorite doll, hands down. She fits perfectly in Kelly clothing, and has such an expressive face. She poses very well for a one-piece body tiny. She never fails to captivate, and is so easy to travel with.

      I have two Lilicas, blue-eyed Queen of Hearts (Grace) and the original green-eyed Lilica (Fee). I adore both, but my original, Fee, owns my heart.




    3. I have one, I HAD to have her after I kept seeing Clochette's Fee. It blew me away how well she poses--that karate pose that Fee does, and most any pose I put her in. She is really a well balanced, well made little girl. Mine is "Mr. (?) Hamster, so she came in a sweet fleecy hamster suit and hat with ears. I ordered her from Denver Doll Emporium and she was here three days later!!
    4. I have a Queen of Hearts Lilica. Clochette's Fee put her spell on me as well. And I am very happy with my purchase. She's SO TINY and so very adorable.
    5. BTW - if you search the Tinies section only for this (with the or's), you will pull up a bunch of results:

      gienie or genie or geinie or lilica

      Alternately, use Advanced search and do a titles only search of Tinies section for the same to get the most relevant threads.

      Also - her measurements are in the Tiny Size Chart (see sticky thread of same name)

    6. Genie is also one of RainMans works (Elf doll)
      I did one ages ago ..and sold it ...but fell in love with Mr Hamster
      I got to admit I waited ages for my Mr Hamster ...who is very much a She !

      beautiful sculp[​IMG]

      and now [​IMG]

      must do another shoot with her soon
    7. i wanted to have thse dols to be lioke babies sisters [and brothers] for my unoa/other 1/4 dolls, would that look alright? how tall are they anyway?
    8. They're quite a bit smaller than Unoa...think Kelly doll size. Here's a reference with Soah, an SD size


      With both Unoa and Narae, though not a good size comparison


      The scale would be much more an infant than a younger brother or sister, imho.
    9. You can see my little one. She's with Clochette's Fee. She has blue eyes. She visited little Fee before coming home to me. Poppet is just too adorable and poses like a dream. I love her big eyes.
    10. that's what i meant by "little sibling" sorry i was not more spefic :doh yes i wanted them to be infants in which case they are just the right size.
    11. just got my little gienie for christmas.

      she is so well crafted and her face is so sweet.

      i am happy
    12. Conngrats :) whichh one is she? or he?
    13. My Lilica hasn't had an outing for a while, but I would not part with her, she is definitely a doll with "attitude", not sure she quite fits the "grumpy" category but close to it sometimes. LOL
    14. Yum watermelons :3
    15. [​IMG]

      She is adorable!!


      And neglected far too long. Must make her some clothes for Valentine's Day.

    16. Code:
      Lilica seems pretty content to be out of her boxand modeling clothes for me again


      You forget how cute she is when she is out of sight.


    17. OOOH that peach outfit is TOO adorable!!
    18. I had one but sold her.

      She is very cute, and posable, she fits kelly clothes and shoes. Can be balanced to stand on one foot (easiest with shoes on though, her feet are so small). The faceup was exceptional.
    19. I actually made them for Kelly, the only Kelly ones that don't fit are ones with long sleeves. The sleeves a bit too short for Lilica.
      There is so much to choose from with Kelly clothes.

    20. just wanted to spam the little gienie's they do look great, perhaps I will put her on a puki body, because that's a great fit, only my pukisha doesn't want to swap with her.
      she has been a boy for a long time, but now she wants to be a girl again:)
      she looks great with her tinybear wig