Little Genie Lilica

Aug 31, 2005


      I want to buy this boy, Little Genie Lilica, What can you tell me about him. Does he pose well? Where do you buy clothing, shoes, eyes for him? I need a fur wig pattern for him.

      Well, I guess I will be making his shoes, wig, & clothes. Maybe the eyes if I can't find them small enough.

      Yeah, I am making baby Gaara. Too obsessed.
    2. eyes no problem size 8mm
      clothes Kelly fit and Kelly shoes

      I also make clothes and fur wigs on my Site , wigs , Davonna now stocks themI found the pocketfairy shoes fit - with socks

      Body - I love the Gienne body (I am affraid I couldnt bond wth my girls face)
      the Boy and Girl body are the same :D
      I was very happy with my doll stood well and posed quite well for a tiny :grin:
    3. I will definately get back to you in a $170, when I can buy my boy. I need a red fur wig for him.

      Do you know any place that sell green pupiless eyess that small? The place I got my MSD Gaara eyes doesn't sell that small.
    4. :D

      I had some custom ones made from Masterpeice
      they dont come cheep though ,I think they are about $30.00 a pair
      but I love them ...and the fit is just amazing
    5. Hmm, that is an idea. But I can't find a place that is sells masterpiece that willl let me specify no pupils.

      And my MSD Gaara made do with painted marbles that looked pretty good, in my opinion. I think my baby gaara will be making do with painted beads of a semi-precious stone for now.
    6. that a good idea , or you could even make some out of fimo , that would be quite easy someting that small
    7. Fimo? What is this and where do I get it. I have never heard of it?

      Is it like polymer clay?
    8. I just got my lilica and i just love her. I need to get her some more wigs. she wears a size 3 wig but i only have size 4 from my dollfie plus's heads. I sewed a piece of velro onto the top of the wig cap and put a sticky velrco piece to her head and it stays but its still loose. I'm taking her to disneyland next week when i go to california. i'll get her some new wigs when i get home.

      i know that has some green pupiless eyes in fancy polymer in 8mm but i dont know what shade of green it is you wanted.

    9. it is yes , Sculpy is one too (I just prefere Fimo :grin: )

      you can aso get it in translusent , ...glow in the dark ...mmmhhhh I think Im getting an idea LOL
    10. Your right they do go down to size 8. Well, it looks i will have to place another order with them. I saw they only sold 4 sizes when I got MSD Gaara's eyes, I just assumed the smalles size was 14mm. It seems they make a big jump to 8mm. Well, when are you doing another group order?

      Mask green is what MSD Gaara has. Wow, matching eyes on my boys that will be too cute.
    11. ill be starting another one at the end of september/early october. i will be out of town until mid september and then i start up college so ill be busy for a few weeks but when things calm down i was going to start up another order.
    12. I just got a bonus and it turns out I can afford the boy very soon. Too Excited.
    13. I was going to buy him tonight, but now I have another question.

      Does Edward have a different body from Lilica?

      I just noticed that Lilica says it has a female Body? I want a boy, but Edward has his eyes closed. So, you can't see Gaara's pretty eyes he will get. What to do?

      Well, I know what I am going to do get a Lilica and pretend she is a boy.

      I was just curious to find out if there was a big difference between Edward and Lilica?
    14. AFAIK, the Lttle Genie bodies are genderless, so they'd have the same body for the boy and girl heads.

      -- A :)
    15. I was hoping for that. Not that it was a big deal for me. But thanks I was curious. I am ordering my Baby tonight.

    16. Would Barbie or Tiny Kitty Collier wigs fit Lillica? Anyone do any experimentation?
    17. ive put a barbie wig on my lilica and the head cap is a little big but it will stay on with a little piece of velcro.
    18. YES. I was wondering about that since I want to make the girl into a boy, and wasn't sure if it'd work. :3

    19. Im sure it would as the body has no Gender :fangirl
    20. You always know who's got the boy bits and who doesn't, don't you, Carrie? :lol:
      Instead of "Sleeping Elf" there, it should say "Tiny Bits Inspector." :D