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Little Little Guys

May 29, 2017

    1. I have a yo-SD Soom doll, who I love. She's so cute and tiny, and fits perfect in my hands! Before I got her though, I got a Switch Bahm. He's 13cm (so small!) and I can't find any clothes for him. I tried Lati-White clothes, they were too small. I tried Lati-Yellow, they were too big. I tried Pukifee clothes, too big as well. I'm scared that I will never find a good fit for my tiny guy... Don't even get me started on the wig hunt :sigh. Does anyone have any suggestions for where to buy clothes for such a tiny doll?
    2. You should look for pukipuki clothes! (range of 10 - 12 cm) Check out obitsu 11 clothes as well. Etsy, parabox, amiami should have sizes fitting your doll! (a one to two cm difference would be barely noticeable)
    3. Is there another thread where Bahm is dicussed? I did a search and this was the only thread I found!
    4. There are a lot of wigs available in the 4-4.5 range. Try Facets by Marcia or Audrey's Dolls.

      At 13.5 cm, Bahm is larger than PukiPuki, but not quite as large as Pukifee. Bahm is almost 3cms bigger in most of the important measurements (chest, hips, neck) than Puki, which is around an inch. I would think PP clothing will be too small unless it is *really* stretchy. Bahm is not alone in this issue, there are other "only tiny in the group" dolls that are in the "in between" sizing where clothing is difficult to find...believe me, I've tried to fit enough of them.

      Looking at her measurements, she's most similar to Bobobie tiny dolls, standard size Pocket Fairys, Elfdoll Alice, Pipos Po7 or Cheese Mouse, Of that group, you might be most successful searching for clothing for Pocket Fairy or Elfdoll Alice.

      Good luck, and welcome to the FUN world of hard-to-fit tinys :D