New Doll {LITTLE MONICA} ‘Innocent Chloe' Release!

Feb 5, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, it’s Little Monica :)

      The ‘Chloe’ which has been loved a lot, will soon be released in Innocent Version.

      The Chloe which will be released in new concept and innocent version
      will be on sale as a periodic limited product, and the period will be as follows :

      2016 February 12th(Fri) 5pm ~ March 4th(Fri) 6pm

      Detailed information will be revealed along with the release, so please look forward~!

      Thank you.
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    2. [​IMG]

      Today, “Innocent Chloe” has been released finally.

      The “Innocent Chloe” which is our Special Line Doll,
      will be on sale until 6pm, 4th of March, 2016(KST).

      Please give your support and love to Chloe in ‘Innocent’ version :)

      Thank you.
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      [Notice] For ‘Innocent Chloe’ Release Celebration, ‘Secret Chloe Head’ Optional Sales!!

      Hello, it’s Little Monica :)

      We have decided to sell this very special Head, ‘Secret Chloe Head’
      for celebrating ‘Innocent Chloe’s’ release today.

      ‘Secret Chloe Head’ can be purchased by Options of ‘Innocent Chloe’ or ‘Innocent Chloe Head’
      only for those who order those special dolls :)

      Price of ‘Secret Chloe Head’ :

      As ‘Innocent Chloe Head’ option - $150.00

      As ‘Innocent Chloe’ option - $100.00

      The ‘Secret Chloe Head’s mold will be revealed on next Monday, 15th of February(KST),
      and it is an event Head which will not be re-released after this event.

      Please understand that this event will not be applied on Basic products
      and we will look forward for your support and love for ‘Innocent Chloe’!

      Thank you.
    4. @theLittleMonica Will her outfit and wig also be sold? Chloe looks really gorgeous in them :D
    5. I would also like to know if the outfit will be sold separately :) It's amazing!
    6. @mo29368 @Chamillia
      Unfortunately, the outfit she's wearing is not for sale, but our photographer's personal item. Sorry about that.

      We will try to have more, great outfits soon in time!
    7. [​IMG]

      * This Head can only be purchased through Options for
      'Innocent Chloe' & 'Innocent Chloe Head.'

      Secret Chloe Head revealed! Additional images may be updated in the future.^^
    8. [​IMG]
      [Notice] “Innocent Chloe” Sale over

      “Innocent Chloe” sale has been over today(4th) on 6pm(Standard Korean Time).

      Thank you for those who have given their love and support to “Innocent Chloe”
      and “Choe” is a Basic Line Doll, which will keep being on sale
      so please give your continuous support and love.

      Thank you.