New Doll {LITTLE MONICA} ‘Muse Sarubia(String ver.)’ and ‘Muse ANI201’ Will Be Released!

Feb 26, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, it’s Little Monica :)

      The first animation head, that you can have 2D Eye Face-Up, ‘Muse ANI201.’
      and the ‘Muse Sarubia’ which has been loved a lot, will soon be released in String Version.

      ‘Muse ANI201’ and the ‘Muse Sarubia’ which will be released in new concept and string version
      will be on sale as a basic product which will be on continuous sale, so please give your love.

      Detailed information will be revealed along with the release, so please look forward~!

      Thank you.
    2. Will the doll have replaceable eyes?
    3. "Muse Sarubia(String ver.)" will have replaceable eyes, but not "Muse ANI201," since "Muse ANI201" will have a plain face plate
      for you to draw your own eyes as make-up.
    4. Muse AnI201 is not on topic for Den of Angels as this doll does not have replaceable eyes.