New Doll {LITTLE MONICA} ‘Muse Sarubia(String ver.)’ Release Event!

Feb 29, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, it’s Little Monica

      We have ‘Muse Sarubia(String ver.)’ release today!
      This will be on sale as Basic Line, so please give your love to our Muse Harmony Girls

      Thank you
    2. [​IMG]

      Hello, it’s LittleMonica^^

      To celerbrate the release of ‘Muse Sarubia(String ver.)’,
      We would like to give the ‘Muse ANI201 head’ and ‘Muse Heel legs’ to all to customers
      who order and make the payment for ‘Muse Sarubia’ full Doll(Head+Body).

      1. 2016 February 29th ~ March 10th (6pm. KST)
      We give you ‘Muse ANI201 Head’ + ‘Muse Heel lags’

      2. 2016 March 10th(6pm.Standard Korean Time) ~ Marc 18th (6pm. KST)
      We give you ‘Muse Heel lags’ Only.

      We hope you will keep in mind that we will give you heel legs without ‘Muse ANI201 Head’ after March 10th.

      Please give your love and support in our ‘Muse Harmony’ :)

      Thank you
    3. The Muse ANI201 head is off topic on Den of Angels