Limited Items {LITTLE MONICA} “Brown” & “Tan” Skin Release!!

Jan 11, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, it’s Little Monica.

      Finally, Little Monica releases her new Skin Colors, “Brown” & “Tan”!
      Those Skins will be on sale through option
      at 6pm(KST) on 14th of January, 2016, along with the release of “Gloomy Miyo.”

      The Skins are exclusively for Special, Limited Dolls,
      so that they can only be chosen for Special, Limited Dolls as an option.
      But we would still like to provide the Skins to be chosen for any of our Doll products
      including Basic Dolls & Parts, for limited period
      once in every Summer & Winter :)

      Therefore, the Winter Limited Skin Sales Period this time is as follows :

      2016 January 14th 6pm(KST) ~ February 2nd 6pm(KST)

      Please bear in mind that you can only choose those Skins as option
      for Special, Limited Dolls after this period,
      and the next Limited Skin Sales Period will be in Summer(June~August)!

      Please give lots of love to our new, limited Skin, “Brown” and “Tan” :)

      Thank you.
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    2. [​IMG]

      The first “Special Skin Sales” has been started at 6pm(KST) today.

      The Special Skin, “Brown” & “Tan” will be able to be chosen as an option
      for Basic Dolls and Parts products until 2016 February 2nd 6pm(KST).

      And once the period is over,
      next sales will come around this Summer Season(June~August)
      so please bear this in mind to avoid any inconveniences.

      Please give lots of love to our new, limited Skin, “Brown” and “Tan” :)

      Thank you.
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    3. The new skin tone options are awesome. :)

      In the other hand, may I ask you to have more comparison photo of the brown and tan together with normal and white skin tone ?

      I think it will be easier for us to imagine the skin tone, if we have your dolls in normal and/or white skin tone, and want to get the brown and/or tan one. :D

      Thanks !
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    4. Would you happen to have any photos of the brown/tan skin with your girl dolls? :) like sophia in tan?
    5. Unfortunately, we don't have any Girls in Brown / Tan Skins ready to take photos yet.

      We will soon prepare the images and show them to you!

      Thank you.