New Doll [Little Monica] 2016 Loyal Monica family 'Gloomy Yuria' Release!

Dec 9, 2016

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      Hello, it's Little Monica!

      Today, 2016 winter limited Gloomy Yuira
      who is one of the member of the Loyal Monica Family releases!

      Gloomy Yuria must be purchased as the only full body.
      you can choose either the new Grace Harmony Girl(with Heel Leg) body or the Harmony Body.
      But the Gloomy Yuira's default outfit can be only compatible with Grace Harmony Girl Body.

      We give a free secret head to all people who purchase the gloomy Yuria full set.ver,
      also please do not miss the event to give a free extra basic head if you purchase over $1,000.

      Gloomy Yuria full set.ver sale period : 9th DEC 2016 ~ 23rd DEC 2016
      (5.p.m Standard Korean Time)

      Furthermore, the secret head event and nail event have being progressed right now.
      Please give your love to Little monica's 2016 winter event.

      Thank you.
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      To celebrate the release of Gloomy Yuria

      who is one for the member belongs to the Loyal Monica Family.
      We have prepared a very special option!

      If you purchase a full doll of Gloomy Yuria, you can order a secret head.
      The secret head open to the public on 3rd January.

      The secret head sale period : 9th DEC 2016 ~ 2nd JAN 2017
      (5p.m standard Korean Time)
      The secret head open to the public : on3rd JAN 2017​

      (5p.m standard Korean Time)

      Furthermore, we provide wonderful nail art event at the same time.
      during the nail are event period, we provide nail service to all people who purchase the gloomy Yuria

      Nail event period : 9th DEC 2016 ~ 23rd DEC 2016
      (5p.m standard Korean Time)

      *if you do not want to nail art service, please leave your request on the Q&A board with your order number.

      So, hope you will give a lot of support and love to our Loyal Monica Family!
      Thank you.
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