Event {LITTLE MONICA} Event for 8th Anniversary Day - “Best Group Shot Contest”!!

Jan 12, 2016

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      Hello, it’s Little Monica.

      Since our 8th Foundation Anniversary Day is coming as 4th of February, 2016,
      we’d like to open a photo contest :)

      The participation can be started right away from today, and the contest’s content is as follows :

      * PARTICIPATING ITEM : 1 photo of 8 or more Little Monica Dolls per person

      * HOW TO PARTICIPATE : Post the image on our “Board”
      (Must be titled as “Best Group Shot Contest”)

      * PARTICIPATING PERIOD : 2016 January 12th ~ February 4th 12pm(KST)

      * ANNOUNCEMENT : 2016 February 4th 6pm(KST)

      * PRIZE :
      First(1 person) – 1 Harmony Full Doll(able to choose Type) + Become Main Photo of LM website for 8 days
      Second(1 person) – 1 Little Harmony Full Doll(able to choose Type)
      Third(1 person) – 1 Honey Harmony Full Doll(able to choose Type)
      Fourth(5 people) – $30.00 (USD) of worth Online Store Points

      * NOTE :
      - Any angled shots are fine
      - Participation with same image is not possible (same dolls are fine)
      - Minimum image pixel - 1200 x 700 px
      - No sexual, violent, horror images

      * TIP – According to what they’re saying, the 3 judging staffs have each of the following tastes :
      1) Cutie & pretty is the best♥
      2) Photo with a story behind or interesting content!
      3) I love vivid colors :)

      We will look forward for your great participations celebrating our 8th Anniversary!

      Thank you.
    2. Photo Event TIP - How about taking 8 dolls group shot with friends' for each different concept?

    3. Does it have to be your photo of your 8 little monica dolls?
    4. Yes, it needs to be 8 of our brand dolls :) 1 doll can be used for more than 1 photos
      so you can gather up your LM doll owner friends to take several different photos to participate together!
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