New Doll [Little Monica] For limited, Vampire Enrill & Human Enrill will soon be Released with Event.

Oct 7, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      tric or treat~!

      Hello, it's Little Monica.

      on 14th October,
      Vampire will be
      coming what makes your blood cold.

      Welcome to Halloween, we will give you not only Vampire Hand Parts but also
      Vampire teeth parts during special sales for 10 days.

      Please look forward to the Creepy Halloween with Little Monica!

      Thank you.​
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    2. [​IMG]

      Hello, It's Little Monica!

      Welcome to Halloween, we have just released 2016 Vampire Enrill & Human Enrill (Gloomy Enrill) Today.
      We sale them only full doll also you can purchase additional the Head Parts if you order a full doll.
      Furthermore, these dolls are sold only a Grace Harmony Body, you never change the body type.

      *Limited sale period
      14th October 2016 ~ 21st October 2016 pm5:00 (KST)

      If you would like to order a full option, you could get the discount!

      *Full Set doll discount sale period (10% discount)
      Vampire Enrill FULL SET : $ 1,126.00 -> $ 968.40
      Human Enrill FULL SET : $ 1,111.00 -> $ 954.90

      In addition, we will give you Bampire Hand Parts and Teeth Parts during event Period.

      *Parts giveaway ebent period
      14th October 2016 ~ 24th October 2016 (KST)

      so, Please look forward~!
    3. Will Denver Doll Emporium be taking part in the event sale?
    4. Sorry to hear that for event sale, only prepare for customers to purchase in our website.
      Hope this helps~^^
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    5. Limited Gloomy Enrill will be finished sale today,
      :eusa_pray Please hurry~! :eusa_pray