Limited Items [Little Monica] 'Gloomy Little Sophia' & New Little Hot! Body Will Be Released!

Jun 8, 2016

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      Hello, it's Little monica.
      The ‘Little Shopia’ which has been loved a lot, will soon be released in Gloomy Version.

      The Little Monica which will be released in new concept and Gloomy version
      will be on sale as a periodic limited product, and the period will be as follows :

      2016 June 10th(Fri) 5pm ~ June 30th(Thu) 6pm

      Detailed information will be revealed along with the release,
      also on the same time Little Girl Hot Body will be on sale as Basic

      so please look forward~!

      Thank you.
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    2. Will the gloomy head be sold seperately?
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    3. Thank you for your inquiry!
      Unfortunately, we don't sales separate parts.
    4. Thank you for your response!
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      'Gloomy Little Sophia' & 'Little Girl Hot! Body' are release!

      Hello, it's Little Monica.
      Today, we have released the Little Sophia Gloomy version that a lot of customers looked forward to.
      The Gloomy Little Sophia is sold for the Special Type
      and it was taken the pictures with Little Harmony Girl New Body Line 'Hot! Body'
      * when you purchase the Gloomy Sophia, you'll chose either an original body or a Hot!body.
      * Hot!Body is sold as a basic Line.

      The Limited Outfit of The Gloomy Little Sophia is possible to choose in the Option, it sale only 30pcs due to hand made.
      (Therefore, it will be sold out if it has a large of order.)

      Outfit compositions : Slip, Corset, Briefs, Stockings, Arm warmers, Choker, Hairpin, Butterfly hair pin, Bangle (9items in total)

      The First Version of Gloomy Little Sophia will have been sold from 10th June 2016 at 5 PM till 30th June 2016 at 6 PM

      Please give your love to her.

      Thank you.
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      Limited Gloomy Little Sophia Sales until 30th June p.m 6
      (Standard Korean Time)
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      Limited Gloomy Little Sophia sale over!
      Thank you for you have given love for her♥