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Little Monica - Harmony Line (Part 3)

Jan 16, 2016

    1. I am really excited about the tan and brown event as well! Such pretty skintones! The names really had me confused though, I thought Tan was the lighter color and Brown the darker color, but it seems to be the opposite. I guess I thought this because most companies "tan" is lighter usually.
      Since I missed out on Secret Roselyn I was thinking of getting the darkest skin color (Tan) for Sarubia or Roselyn.

      ------ Added notes ------

      * Little Monica Website (the Korean homepage often has teaser of next releases) :)
      * Little Monica BJD Pool on Flickr

      DoA database: Little Monica
      DoA Wiki: Little Monica

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    2. I'm super excited about the tan options as well. The only thing stopping me from getting a sophia before was that I really don't need another pale doll. ^^;
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    3. I totally agree with you. At first I thought they labelled the colours wrong. I also checked Santa Dyuke's page, and it says he's in brown skin. But the limited period brown skin looks much lighter than santa Dyuke's colour, it's more like tan. really confusing*_*
    4. Yeah I think the new brown skin tone is kinda different with the Santa Dyuke.
      I would love to see more comparison photos.
      Let's ask LM to take photos of their dolls in all different skin tone. XD
    5. I went ahead and ordered sophia in brown. It does look like it's paler and warmer (maybe more like volks sunlight?) while tan is just a bit darker and more olive. You can really see the olive tones in the new limited tiny.
    6. Yay! Sophia.

      I ordered Sophia in Tan (as mentioned in previous thread)
      I guess it is slightly unnerving without many comparison photos. I have admired the sculpt for a while now and couldn't resist her in Tan. I initially thought the Gloomy Miyo was their "Brown" as the event photo makes Tan look much darker to me.

      I can't wait to see the results from everyone.
    7. This event is giving me some anxiety!! My budget is so tight this month, but I've been itching for a tan girl and I've always loved Little Monica's sculpts. This is such a great opportunity! My other problem is that I can't decide between Sophia and Chloe. I suppose if I can't decide or make this work financially, I'll have another chance when they have this event in the summer.
    8. I thought the same thing about Miyo! If you look at the headcap pics at the bottom of the doll pages though, it really doesn't seem like there's more than a shade or two's difference in actual darkness. It's more that the olive undertones of the tan really stand out against the sunny warmth of the brown. If you're game, I'd be happy to do a good shoot featuring my girl's resin tone, and we can compare when they get in.

      @overlordu I really should not have spent the money on this girl, so I feel you. >_< I trawled through all the sophia pics on flickr before I finally pulled the trigger on my order.
    9. I can't wait to see everyone's tan LM dolls! I don't think I could buy a tan doll from them until I see some owner pics, I want to see what some girls look like with darker skin! Currently I have two dolls on layaway, one of which is a LM Roselyn in white skin :XD: so there's no way I can afford a third right now
    10. I'm so happy with everyone's order & support for their new skin tones. :hug:

      Maybe I should get a brown/tan boy too ? *_*
      (so my Demetri won't be sad anymore...)


      Oh a WS Roselyn ! My friend has one and I bet you'll love yours so much~ :whee:
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    11. @Vienni Oh my gosh may I ask who your friend is, who has the Roselyn? I'm obsessed with looking at owner pictures while I wait :D
    12. I can't wait to see tan/brown skins ! :XD:
      Every time I see some LM doll here I'm stunned because they're so beautiful !! It makes me sad that I have almost no time for my boys :pout:
      But !! I'm on a good way of saving money for LM Haazel :D so I hope I will order him soon !
    13. Oh she's @Kirarashine here in DoA. I think she's not really active, but here's a photo of my Luts Blanchet & her Roselyn on our doll meet a couple weeks ago. I hope it helps. :3nodding:

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    14. She's gorgeous thank you for showing me! Same with your Blanchet! I love how they're styled so differently, dark and light, makes for an amazing photo :3nodding:
    15. I've sent my last layaway payment for my Roselyn! Hopefully I'll be back soon to post pics of her arrival :XD: I'm very excited to sew for her
    16. I'm a little late to the party but those tan options look incredible!
      Tan Sarubia or Roselyn would be a dream come true :chibi
    17. just wondering, is little monica normal skin resin as yellow as it looks in their sample pics? im looking for a pale, yellow toned body to match an old elfdoll head i got.
    18. @Botflybaby If the sample pic you are looking at is the head cap one, the normal skin in that pic is a lot yellower than in real life. The chest(?) sample pic is more accurate to the actual color.
    19. My Roselyn has shipped and is on her way to me! She lands in the US in about seven hours :whee: I can't wait to share her here! Hopefully it's only a few more days!
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    20. Can't wait to see!:D