Little Monica Harmony posability

Dec 2, 2020

    1. Hello!

      I am looking for any photos of LM Harmony line of dolls in various poses for reference of their bodies and posing skills. Preferably with the thigh joint! There is a thread about the body reference, but most of the photos are broken links so that wasn't too much help.

      Thanks for your time!
    2. Are you looking for male or female body posing? I made a few reviews years ago for the LM Harmony male body:

      Little Monica Type A body review - Part I by cian1675 on DeviantArt

      Little Monica Type A body review - Part II by cian1675 on DeviantArt

      Little Monica Type A and B boy body comparison by cian1675 on DeviantArt

      Some updates to my reviews back then:

      I had both type A and B but sold the type A last year as I found the lower torso joint to be not so useful and mostly makes it harder for the doll to stand straight. The knees also have a tendency to slide (upper leg kind of slide down along the joint?) which makes the legs less stable. I don't recall ever actually using the thigh joint when the dolls are clothed... maybe just to swivel them but never to pull them out to do the knee hugging types of poses. With that said, these bodies were from 2012 and I'm not sure if LM has improved upon the bodies since so do keep that in mind ^^
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    3. Thank you! I do like the knee hugging tbh. You’re the hero that we need—if only someone had updated photos of the girl bodies :(

      I was told LM has horrible posing so I was hoping someone here had photos of how that was. But, you’ve given good insight as I can’t imagine the leg construction is wildly different from boys to girl dolls.