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Little Monica Honey Harmony:D

Oct 19, 2009

    1. A brand new line from Little Monica is coming:D Not sure how big they are, look to be about Yo sized. In fact they are quite reminiscent of the Volks Yos. Have a look won't you?


      I think they're so adorable, can't wait to see more:aheartbea
    2. littlemonica's sculpts are adorable...
      they said, they'd release little harmony this year,too...
      can't wait to see these cuties x3
    3. I'm looking forward to more pictures! :3 I want to see these little adorable ones some more! I already really like the cute, little sleeping one~!
    4. I'm also a big fan of that lil' sleepy head!:D I'm so excited for their release!
    5. littlemonica continues to amaze me....

      Those honey harmony are soooo cuuuuteeee XD
    6. oh I just saw them today xD
      they're soo cute...
      the website doesn't work for you?
    7. Hi, Vampireslover:D Aren't they beautiful? I love Lucile:aheartbea I'd love a boy! It looks like you can choose the gender so when I am able to afford it I will bring home a boy Lucile:XD: I tried the website at home and it didn't seem to work but I'm at work now so I'll give it another try.
    8. yes they really are, Mitya:Dmhh...hopefully the website works for you^^
      there is an event...I you spend more than 100 $ 'til 24th december, u maybe got picked out and you get a special price...a honey for free!! you can coose wich one...but it just works if u r a member...:)
      just for information;)

      edit:...lucile looks a little bit like a younger version of ashel...x3
    9. @ mitya : the website works with no problem at all for me in firefox.... haven't tried other browser though.

      @ vampireslover : just realized it too, lucile lips do look like ashel's lips...... Maybe lucile is the younger sleeping version of ashel XD
    10. *sigh* my lucile arrived a week ago^^
      I'll post a boxopening...but I don't think that I'm going to keep her :sweat
      She's pretty and so, but I'll just use her for some face-up practice, and then I'll probably sell her^^
      somehow it's really hard to bond with her...ok, I CAN'T bond with her ^^
    11. Aww... I'm sorry to hear that, VampiresLover80 :( I know we were all excited about these little guys. I'm looking forward to your box opening anyway. I hope that might help you find someone interested in her if you plan on parting with her after all.
    12. I've been dying to see some owner pics of sleepy Lucile.
    13. ooh, thank you mitya ^^'
      arrgh...I just can't find the cable for the cam:x
      gotta look for it xD
    14. Time to revive this thread! Have you seen the new Honey Harmony Twin Lucile release? It's so awesome! After 9 month of pestering LittleMonica with questions for an "open eye" version of Lucile, they finally release such a beautiful full-set! I'm over the moon! I will order her in white skin and she will be my "finished-my-master-degree present" when she arrives. Is anyone else excited??

      *edit* I just realised that she looks similar to YoSD Kanon, which I sold some time ago because she was normal skin. Now I can finally have a similar doll in WS.
    15. She's very cute. I also think it's very unusual (in a good way) for the OE head to be the limited one - usually a company starts with an OE head and then makes variants like sleeping, dreaming, or winking.

      If I was going to pick one to buy, though, I'd probably go for Luisie - he's got such pretty eyes.
    16. Ugh I'm dying, I love the Blossom Lucile head! I hope they release her again in the future. She'd look so cute with my Kanon :)
    17. kuro - I have confirmation from LM that they will release Blossom Lucile in the future as a basic edition. She will look awesome with your Likke! My first thought was that Kanon & B. Lucile look like sisters. That's exactly why I want B. Lucile. Now I just have to decide if I want to order the Limited or the Basic version (I really don't need the sleeping head, do I?).
    18. Sheeshus little monica has to put me to the test of only wanting one tiny dont they X.x I cant get another tiny >< one is enough > > Shes so cute though X.x shes def prob the only 2nd tiny id ever buy but sadly im not a millionaire and i just bought dolls XP. But If I was a millionaire i woulda clicked BUY BUY BUY XP. what to do what to do X.x perhaps I can get a job in time haha, I can dream right?
    19. I wish I would know if the future basic face-up will be as beautiful as this Blossom Lucile face-up! I'm in love with the rose & pink colors and I have always wanted at face-up directly from LM. But if I buy the Limited release I would have no idea what to do with the sleeping head. I would feel like a bad doll mum to have it only stored in a box.