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Update Little Monica Items for Little Harmony Updated!

Apr 17, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, everyone.

      We have new items updated for Little Harmony.

      All wig styles that we had for Harmony and Honey Harmony are now available in Little Harmony size!

      Cotton Candy(LHWM_01) 4 colors
      Ballon Curl(LHWM_02) 4 colors
      Averse(LHWM_03) 4 colors
      Lovesick(LHWM_04) 4 colors
      Popcorn(LHWM_05) 1 color
      Muffin(LHWM_06) 3 colors
      Teasel(LHWM_07) 2 colors

      Some shoes are updated.


      And lastly, a silicon cap for Little Harmony.

      Have a nice day~ ^^