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Little Monica Kliff Renewal

Apr 6, 2011

    1. Yes! YES! YES!! I'm so happy they re-released this boy!! It was a travesty that he was sold out as SOON as I joined the hobby! Little Monica, I'd kiss you if I could get to you:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      Discussion anyone?
    2. I like him... I love his face!!! And the abs are perfect!!
    3. I'm so happy they've released him again <3
    4. Yay! I thought LM wouldn't release him anymore. The changes are very subtle but I think the new Kliff's eyes are more opened. The lips has a slight pout to it which gives him a more soft appearance.

      Kliff = Pixydoll Sevy v2 = Crobidoll Dreaming Lance

      I'm considering a Kliff girl :))
    5. Are Little Monica bodies double jointed? no one seems to talk about this brand/company much...^^;;; though i might have been looking in all the wrong places!

      I'd get this gorgeous boy in a heartbeat if the bodies are double jointed!! <3
    6. I think it's wonderful to see the return of the Kliff, and WOW isn't he just as handsome as ever. I love his face up and how they've styled him in a darker way!

      I'm not collecting dolls at the moment, but he would definately be top of the list if I were - congrats to anyone getting him! :)
    7. Airs
      There are some discussion threads of our company here, here, here and some more.
      And yes our boy body is double jointed. ^^
    8. YAY, YAY, YAY!!! Thank You so much! and obviously I wasn't looking in the right places!! ^^;; hee hee hee! i'm going to check out the site right now!!! <3<3<3
    9. wow,wow,wow!! fantastic style he has this time~~
      Will his outfit be for sale in store separately?
    10. Rossi Rosso
      His outfit is partly made by our staff, and pants, gloves, belt, shoes are bought second hand or from the shop.
      So, it's not going to be sold separately. ^^;
    11. Anyone else get a Kliff yet? I got my head a few weeks ago but haven't had time to photograph him :P
      I might need to touch up his faceup too...I haven't decided yet.