Little Monica - Little Harmony Line Discussion

Apr 15, 2012

    1. I really love the Little Harmony body, especially the figure and high heel legs! :3 Irin looks rather like a cross with Rennone and Ryuhwa, and she's lovely. I can't wait to see other sculpts from them~~

      Quick question: Does anyone know what matches LM WS? I've shot them a question on their Q&A, but I thought I'll ask here anyway. I want to upgrade my KDF girl to this body; while I know Luts RSN matches LM NS I have no idea of how their WS looks like.
    2. I was going to get a Dreaming Doll to make an Unoa hybrid, but ever since I saw these body pictures I switched to Little Harmony instead :) I ordered a full Irin for the heck of it, I want the head as a practice head anyways.
    3. Hey, you got the same idea as mine!
      I love DD Airi but the DD body just has some aesthetic flaws that I dislike, and now that LM has released their mini line, I'm thinking of someday getting DD Airi with LM Little Harmony Body :D

      Oh and I'm so happy to hear that you ordered Irin! You might get the first Irin here XDD
      Please post ton of pictures of her when she arrives!

      @rainwaltz Ahh, you're right, she indeed looks like a mix of Ryuhwa and Rennone! But somehow I'm also getting some Yuria vibe from Irin~ I think it's from her lips :)

      Hmmm, I also don't know about LM WS and Luts WS, but LM WS matches DollFamily WS, so maybe this can lead to more information?

      And you can check out this threads:

      I am also amazed at how affordable she is, I thought she was going to be pretty expensive, but turns out not! :D
      I adore the great works of LM more and more now <3 :D
    4. Hi guys, I have Dreaming Doll Airi but doesn't love the proportion as well. I was trying to make her a hybrid and that is how I came about discovering Irin as I heard the resin are of perfect match. I have fallen in love with Irin. I think Irin and Airi can be great sister as they have a similar face expression. I am into realistic sculpts so she will fit perfect for me. I am new to the hobby so I'm interested to see what your thoughts are about this girl, I see someone already purchased her. I can't wait to see actual photos and reviews.
    5. I've seen LM normal resin match Volks pureskin normal quite nicely. I have to consider this body for a hybrid with a volks msd/sdc head I think.

      The lack of an ankle part intrigues me, though, but I have some trouble with posing feet, so that may solve that. xD And look nicely aesthetic-wise.

      Regardless, this girl is a beauty! I'm so happy they released an MSD-sized doll.

      Shara; please share pictures of her when she arrives!
    6. lileychristie Thank you for the help! I've seen that LM WS matches Volks WS well, so all I have to do is find out if Luts RSW matches Volks WS. XD

      pinksugar They come with regular legs with ankle joints by default, and the high heel legs are an option part to add on, unless you're among the first 50 who will get it free. Just like Volks SD16/SDGr girls, when the high heel legs are on they must wear shoes with a tall enough heel to stand. If you don't like them, you could always switch them out.
    7. The leg parts that don't have ankle joints are only the high heel leg parts, the normal leg parts have ankle joints :)
      You can see the ankle joints if you look closely in the body shots ^^
      So if you're considering the joint-less ankles, you should buy the high heel leg parts :)

      I think Irin will be a great sister for your Airi! And yes, LM and DreamingDoll's resin should be a perfect match because they are using the same resin and are produced in the same factory, LM representative once confirmed this a long time ago ^^;;

      See this post for more information:
    8. rainwaltz; I don't know how I overlooked that! Thank you for clarifying for me! ^.^ I actually really liked them- they're just so elegant!
    9. pinksugar I know right! I've been dying to upgrade my SDF to a Volks SDGrG body, but they're still hard to come by. I'm waiting for them to be added to FCS. I love the unbroken line of high heel legs, they're really pretty and elegant as you said!
    10. lileychristie; Yes, I see them now! This is great news for me. I really think I'd only need one pair of high-heeled legs since if I had multiples of these bodies, my girls could just share them. I think I may buy one in the future- I just love the proportions of this body and its elegant design.

      rainwaltz; I know what you mean! I've been waiting for that as well, but I've been considering the LM body for my SD girls, too, since the resin match is good and I have found I actually like a single torso joint ^^; But yes! They are very pretty and elegant! I'm so glad they included them as an option here.
    11. I'm gonna scoot right into this thread.

      I have Irin on order. I ordered her within the first few hours they had her up! xD! I've been waiting so eagerly for LM to release this girl ever since I asked them about a MSD line earlier this year. They had said they intended to release her last year but got caught up and couldn't do it till this year.

      I'm not 100$ in love with how chubby her hands are, but I love the shape of her body. She's so lady like and everything looks so smooth. I'm really looking forward to seeing this body in person.
      I also ordered the white skin which I adore, it's really "papery" white compared to my other whiteskins which are from FL that have more of an ivory tone to them. That's how my Honey Harmony Lucille was anyways. :3
    12. alogue I am so glad to hear that! I have Sooms (and Soom CW matches FL BW) which are definitely ivory compared to my WS Luts KDF, so there's a good chance of the resin matching. :> Whee~~
    13. finally a discussion thread.
      the little harmony body looks similar to their harmony line, so do you guys think their posing range will be about the same? I found a thread about torso movement for the harmony body and quite like it.
    14. The body looks like it's got a pretty good range of motion. If you all would like when I get my girl I can do some posing comparisons with my minifees for you :)
    15. LittleMonica is my favorite company. Irin is not exactly my cup of tea, but I know I'll end up with a mini from LM someday. I'm hoping for a little one simliar to Chloe :)
    16. thanks alogue. though I am really considering getting one. arghh so on the fence >_<

      wonder if it's worth getting their wigs as well, anyone has any experience with their wigs? compare with leeke's or monique?

      edit: oh... I just realize. there's no sleeping face for this new girl?
    17. I haven't been able to get onto their website for some reason.
      Anyone else having this problem? lol :sweat
    18. The new body is very pretty and elegant! I just wrote and asked them if they would consider creating a flat-chested upper torso as an option. If they did, I think this body would be almost perfect for my 12-year old JID girls. I am looking for a new body for them.
    19. I can get to their website without any problem since yesterday... weird. Have you tried again?

      That's interesting, Valentinegirl! Please post their answer here ^^