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Little Monica Little Kitten Miyo

Jul 2, 2011

    1. [​IMG]



      Little Kitten Miyo - Time Limited Special Fullset Doll

      Sold only in 1st. July ~ 18th July am 0:00.​

      Shipping date : 17th ~ 19th Aug.
      - The sale may end earlier if the order is overloaded. -​


      Miyo girl white skin (fully assembled)
      Default face-up
      Fist hands 1 set
      Cat ears 1 set (blushed)
      A pair of glass eyes 16mm (odd eye - Green, Cobalt)
      Default wig Bob cut style, color- blond
      Default outfit
      (diaper, bib, red ribbon and bell necklace, a pair of socks,
      a pair of bell hair band, bracelet)
      Default box, 2 pillows.​