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Little Monica New Harmony Girl, Sophia and Innocent Sophia!

May 2, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, everyone in DoA!

      Congratulations to Emily who won the event 'My name is...?'
      So now, Aiko is Sophia from now on.

      Sophia is our Basic Harmony Girl.
      Innocent Sophia is Off-line Limited doll.
      We'll be taking orders of her at off-line events.
      Doll Free Market in Korea will be the first event we'll be taking her orders. (6th May. 2012)

      Don't worry!
      We'll take online order for Innocent Sophia for one day on 10th May.
      The time will be 12:00 10th ~ 12:00 11th May. 2012.
      Full 24 hours for ordering Innocent Sophia.

      We also have new outfit and shoes released.
      It's secret - Blue
      It's secret - Pink

      Have a nice day~

      Link to Sophia
      Link to Innocent Sophia
      Link to It's secret - Blue
      Lint to It's secret - Pink
      Link to HAG-LS-865
    2. Innocent Sophia is up for sale now ^^