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Little Monica New Line Release Event!

Apr 13, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, everyone.

      We have prepared some nice events for all our customers.

      EVENT 1. Get Irin with High Heel Leg Parts!

      To first 50 orders of Little Harmony Irin will have
      one pair of High Heel Leg Parts included in the set.

      * Relevant people: First 50 orders both in Korea and over-sea
      (First 50 orders with complete payment)

      * This event may finish before the event period if the 50 orders are filled.

      EVENT 2. With my beloved doll...

      When you spend long, or short, period of time with your doll.
      You must have some memories with your doll.
      If you have any special memory that you want to share with us, come tell us. ^^
      We have a big present to the person with the best memory.

      * Event Present
      Little Harmony Girl Irin Normal skin 1 set
      (Basic default, 1 set in Korea and over-sea each)

      * How to apply
      Write your special memory on our 'Board' with a photo of your doll.

      * Relevant people
      All web members of Little Monica website.
      Anyone with special memory with his/her doll.

      * Announcement Date of Winner
      3rd May 2012
      (The winner's story will be written on top of Board for one week)

      * Event Period: 13th ~ 30th April 24:00

      - The memory doesn't have to be related to our dolls. ^^

      Thank you everyone for all your love and support.
      We'll try our best to return your love and support as much as possible.
    2. If the memory doesn't have to be related to your dolls, then the picture can be of a doll which isn't yours as well, right? I just wanted to be sure before applying! ^^ Thanks for this wonderful event!
    3. No, it doesn't have to be our doll's photo.
      Anyone can apply for his event. ^^
    4. Does the winner of the event get a blank doll, or would she have a face-up?
    5. Hello, Kielin.
      The winner gets Irin as full doll. Without face-up and High Heel Leg Parts.