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[Little Monica] Special Dyuke & Yuria set and Extra head event - DATE EXTENDED

Jul 16, 2009

    1. ★☆ Little Monica ☆★



      New Special Line!

      Harmony Dyuke and Yuria as a set.
      You can see this special set in the 'Special' board.
      This set has 10% discount and is limited of 10 sets.

      ----- click here for faster link -----






      Extra Event Head!

      When you buy one of our Basic Harmony Line, you will get another extra head with it.
      Details in Notice on our English site.

      ----- click here for faster link -----

    2. from my understand
      reference from this link

      I think you can order basic doll Harmony line (head+body+face up or none) and limited fullset (Yuria&Dyuke). and you can got extra head by random. but you can't got Yuria and Dyuke be extra head. And extra head not same mold with your order.
      I mean fullset that Little Monica said is head+body ^ ^.

      ex. I order basic Dyuke, I can got extra head.(may be Kliff, Crow or Ashel).
      ex. I order basic Kliff, extra head will be Crow or Ashel.

      I hope this can help. > <
    3. shoofy: This extra event head is only for the English site, for our over-sea customers.

      aquarius, hyokito: Thank you hyokito for clearing that up for us. What hyokito said is right.
      You get a head when you buy one of the Harmony line dolls.

      PacificBlue: No we do not have a layaway program.

      Have a nice day. ^^
    4. With all the interests and questions, we decided to extend our event date.
      The extra head event will be extended to Aug 3rd.
      Every one hurry up to get the extra head! ^^