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Little Monica Twin Lucile

Mar 4, 2011

    1. [​IMG]




      Limited 'Twin Lucile'
      4th~21st Mar. 6:00pm

      This set includes,
      Blossom Lucile Girl + Lucile Head + Fist hands
      + Outfit + Wig + Acrylic Eyes + Default box and pillows

      To notice click
      To Twin Lucile click

      We also released our Honey Harmony Body parts!
      Honey Harmony Boy Body, Girl Body
      Basic Hand Parts, Fist Hand Parts.

      To Parts Category click

      You are welcome to ask questions through our Q&A Board, e-mail, or pm.
      Have a nice day~
    2. I am confuse is this set the open-eyes one or the closed eyes one. It can't be 450 for both of them...
    3. Looks to me like the "Blossom Lucile" is the open-eyed one while "Lucile" is the sleeping one (if you look in the Little Harmony lineup, Lucile is a sleeping head doll). So I think you get an assembled open-eyed one with one clothing/eyes/wig set, plus the sleeping head and fist hands.

    4. You are right elisa maza.
      Twin Lucile is a set for,

      Blossom Lucile(open eyed Lucile, with face-up) with Girl body
      Lucile(sleeping) head, fist hands
      1 outfit, 1 wig, 1 pair of eyes, default box and pillows.

      You get two heads and one body.
    5. Will Blossom Lucile be available as a non-limited in the future, like Lucille?
    6. I asked the same in LM Q&A thread and they answered that Blossom Lucile will be available as a basic in the future.
    7. theLittleMonica - Would it be possible to post a picture of the blank Blossom Lucile head?
    8. [​IMG]
      Here is the photo of blank Blossom Lucile head.
    9. With many many requests from the customers, now there are more options to our Twin Lucile.
      You can add another Honey Harmony Girl Body, and Outfit & Wig set.
      Hope this can make many of you happy. ^^
    10. Today is the last day of order.
      It will be closed within about 2 hours. ^^