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Little Monica Winter Event

Nov 29, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, everyone~

      For the upcoming December, we are having a Winter Event.
      This is a first of our discount event for All the Basic Line dolls.
      15% off for all Basic Line dolls. Parts are not included in the event. ^^

      * Harmony: $545 → $463.25
      * Honey Harmony: $235 → $199.75
      * Event Period: 1st Dec. ~ 18th Dec. (24:00 Korea time based)

      And be ready for the Honey Harmony that is waiting to be released on 8th Dec. ^^

      Thank you~
    2. Would this also include faceup prices?
    3. essiekl - Only the doll as a Basic Set is, not the face-up. ^^
    4. Change in circumstances.