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Little Monica - Yuria and Dyuke

Jul 20, 2009

    1. What, no discussion thread for these two yet? :? But they're so pretty!



      News thread (looks like there's a special sale price if you get both of them)

      Yuria is so cute! She looks like a sheltered, innocent girl. And I'm in love with Dyuke in the black wig - he looks like an older, gloomier version of Little Monica's Crow. :D He's handsome in blonde too, and somehow the blonde Dyuke could almost be a brother to Luts El or Crobidoll's Lance.

      What do you guys think of them? ^^
    2. I've been waiting for this discussion thread to come up XD

      Now we can have a chat about them......

      I really like both of them!! But Dyuke is really the jackpot one!!!! I really love the type B of himmm....

      Sooo... amazing O_O
    3. Yes, I'd been waiting too - but since nobody else started one I had to do it myself since I couldn't hold back the squee any longer! :whee:

      Ugh... I am tempted by so many dolls at the same time! I think Yuria might replace Volks Liz on my list. And I suddenly really, really want to get a Dyuke and a Lance and make them brothers. (It's a really terrible habit I have that, upon seeing any new sculpt, my first thought is "Wouldn't he/she look very good as a brother/sister of ______ sculpt?")
    4. I really like yuria's face, too bad she's only 58 cm tall.... I prefer 60 cm girls.... But that won't matter now......

      well if you buy him/her now, you'll get a free head too....

      I really hope people start owning Littlemonica's dolls.... They're really underrated. I wonder why some less beautiful sculpts (in my opinion) can be very popular while there are dolls like these beauties that gets no attention at all X_X
    5. Yuria and Dyuke are amazing sculpts! Glad to see Little Monica getting a little more attention.
    6. Dyuke is very gorgeous XD.
      I really want him but I just spend moneys for my IOS SEZZ. OTL
      hope I can save moneys soon. T w T"

      I like LM boy body too. his six pack very sexy * q *.
    7. Before I saw Dyuke, I want a crow sooooo~~~much! Now I want both of them~~~they are so gorgeous~ I have to decide which one (or two >-<) to get...Crobidoll Yeon ho or crow, or dyuke....difficult decision.....
    8. Ah, I swear, people are trying to kill me with their beautiful sculpts. Dyuke is so amazing. -adds to wishlist- I also like Yuria. Which is a first, cause I don't really find female dolls I like that much.
    9. They are very mysterious... but i'd die to get one!!(saving up money from this point)
    10. ah! I'm glad people are considering them!!! I can't wait to see more Littlemonica on DoA!!!!

      Dyuke is in my plan too..... my very long doll-plan XD
    11. I just love Dyuke.. ;---; I really would love to get him when I have the chance. Maybe. I'll get him after I get this one boy home. Orrrzzz.
    12. I was thinking about just buying a boy body from Little Monica, but with the head event I decided to buy Dyuke as a complete doll. What can I say, you can't have enough heads?:sweat
      Dyuke is a very pretty boy, though.
    13. Dyuke reminds me of Crobidoll Yeon-ho except that Dyuke's expression changes from sad to smirky depending on the angle (at least in the promo pics) while Yeon-ho always looks either sad, bored or angry. Mmh, Dyuke.. what a gorgeous boy. I may just get him instead of Yeon-ho because I like his expression(s) a bit more AND I could get a whole doll + a head to practise faceups with. It's a pretty good deal.
    14. leatherbee : so true, indeed ^^ Dyuke can be a brother to lance or yeon-ho....... Make sure to show us lots of pics when you get him!

      I can't wait to see pictures of yuria n dyuke XD
    15. When or if. I'm just still not sure. Decisions are incredibly hard for me :sweat But gah, he does look gorgeous in the promo pics. I just keep thinking: "what if he's actually ugly in 'real life'.." Hmm. But I am seriously considering him.
    16. Dyuke is so gorgeous and misterious! I'm in love whit him! :aheartbeaWhy don't I have money at now? :(
    17. Little Monica shipped my Dyuke today! That's fast. Faster than I expected as I'm going away on a holiday tomorrow. Maybe I have a package waiting when I get back (if customs is nice). XD

      He's ordered without face-up, but I'll post pictures for those who are interested.

    18. Oh my God~ can't wait to see your Dyuke!!! When did you order him? I want a Crow but I won't be back home until September, I want to receive the packet by myself!:aheartbea
    19. Believe it or not, but I received an order confirmation on the 24th and I placed my order and paid on the 23rd. That's not even a week.
    20. *_* They extended their event. I...want...to...

      ...uuuuuugh I am so tempted, but I mustn't break the dolly piggy bank just yet. Please do post pics, Muisje! I'd love to see how well the body poses. I'm glad to hear their customer service is so efficient. :)