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Little Monica's new Harmony 'Crow'

Jan 23, 2009

    1. http://www.littlemonica.co.kr/

      Hi, we are back with our new Harmony boy Crow!
      Now we are done with our site renewal, so you won't have problem viewing it any more. (At least I hope...:lol:)




      And again, you will be able to order him in two different default face-up.

      Face-up A

      Face-up B
    2. I can't get the English site to load in Mozilla. The splash page opens, and so does the Korean site, but not the English one. Anyone else having this problem?
    3. It seems to be working fine in mozilla, including the english site. :)
    4. I had to open the English site in a new tab to get it to load. I'm a bit uncomfortable-- WOT rates the English site as dangerous due to privacy issues (scorecard here). Has anyone used this site before?
    5. Actually, that's the rating for Cafe24. Littlemonica is just one of the many sub-domains that inherits Cafe24's rating. It's opinion based like feed back on ebay or the feed back treads here. :|
    6. I would love to look at him, but the website doesn't seem to want to load for me. :(
    7. The English website is loading well for me :) (I use Mozilla Firefox ver. 3.0.5)
    8. The site works on Safari, but I am unable to work the shopping cart at all. The items I put in always disappear after I click on another link or click 'check out'.
    9. The site works well in Firefox for me.
    10. I had trouble using Mozilla too (as in, English site came up completely blank). I'm on 3.0.5... how odd :/
    11. it's working for me. yay!!!!!! ^__________________^

      I have a question tho, is it possible to order faceup B without the scar?
    12. Thanks everyone for giving the information about the problem.
      We gave it to the web master so I hope the problems will get solved.
      But to avoid any problems, try using Internet Explorer with the latest version.
      That's the program we've done the test with.

      aquarius85, the scar face-up B is only for the first 10 Crows sold both in Korea and over-sea,
      so if you are one of the first 10 you can choose not to have it.
      After the first 10, they will be sent without the scar.

      Thank you.
    13. The site is running fine in the English section on Safari. Nice new layout! (As far as I know, Macs can not use internet explorer, it might be a good idea to also test in Safari, firefox and/or camino so you can be sure Mac users can use the site. )
    14. Thanks to everyone who are trying to give us all the information.
      We really appreciate all your help.
      Now we've fixed several problems and hope these help you.
      But if the shopping cart program or the site is not working, and you still want to order, you can email us at the.littlemonica@gmail.com. Thank you
    15. have the first 10 been sold yet? I really wnat one with the scar.
    16. demon-chan, we have few left.
      You better hurry to get one. ^^

      *** We are having an event! Please follow this link for more information ***