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Little Monica's new Harmony, Crow's release event!

Jan 27, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Little Monica's new Harmony, Crow's release event!

      We are haviing an event for Crow's release.

      1. Photo Event~!
      Upload photos of your LM dolls on our review board! And we'll pick the best photos for the award.
      One LM head for the 1st place, and a pair of uretain eyes for the 2nd place.
      (This event may end in any time when there are enough photos. So, hurry up!)

      * The review board is in the community link on the left bottom of our English site.

      2. Lucky 7 Face-up Event!
      From the Crow's release date, the first 7 orders for the full doll will have their face-up for free.
      (You need to comment about the face-up you want, A or B)

      * If you already ordered one, please email or pm us for what face-up you want to have.
    2. The Lucky 7 Event is now ended.
      Thank you everyone. ^^