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Little Pippitan - Only 5.5 inches tall !

Jul 14, 2006

    1. Pretty cute and strange looking! He reminds me of Pippi Longstocking.
    2. TreeLore your so bad !LOL

      I like this size :) Yup much prefere
      and I love the outfit
    3. Same here. He looks really adorable :)
    4. i love my pippitan, but these little ones are super-cute too.
      didn't they make these smaller ones first?
    5. Yes I just read that on the link above your but I think they weren't on there the whole time because they are new to me and I have visited that site before.
    6. that makes sense. either way, they are cute little bugs, for sure!

    7. I must admit I thought they made the smaller first , I saw the tiny ones on Yahoo Japan ,must have been last year , because it was when I was looking for a U-me head
      thats why I was a little surprised when they were bigger *_*

      bujt could have been me having a hyper 40S MOMMENT lol
    8. haha, well, you should get one now! i'd like see what you'd do with one ;)

    9. LOL DONT :D
      I was already thinking I wonder what she would be like in one of the Strawberry Fur wigs :aheartbea