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Little Rebel - Mini

Jun 1, 2019

    1. Hi. Thread for Little Rebel Mini size. Currently only heads for mini size.
      Official Site = https://littlerebeldoll.com/

      My Little Rebel hybrid. He's just borrowing these eyes and this body for this photo.
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    2. Is that Kamu? It doesn't look like him but I think that's the only mini-sized Little Rebel.
    3. @mikeg - Yes. It's just my bad faceup skills and bad phone camera.
    4. Yay! A thread for them :)
      View attachment 29696
      This is my boy Zac. He's also borrowing a body for this photo - I ordered a Fdoll body a couple of days ago so I'm hoping that'll work for him.
      Can't wait to see other Mini Kamus! Also looking forward to future mini sculpts!
    5. @TheSecretRoman - Your boy is very cool. Is that company faceup? I wanted to get one but the artist couldn't do them at the time. I ordered a Dream Valley body for mine. I'm interested in more mini sculpts too, I'd like Kaylar and Sarang.
    6. Thank you! :) Yes, he has the ooak faceup Little Rebel did before she decided to add the default faceup option.
      Oh I love the Dream Valley bodies! It'll be interesting to see your hybrid! :)
    7. Nice. I got my head from the recent preorder wave. I am looking forward to getting that Dream Valley body, from what I've seen it looks really cool, and not as thin as the photos make it seem (I don't like the Doll Chateau aesthetic). Otherwise I was going to go for a Mystic Kids body.
    8. Hi! I just saw this thread, so I thought I’d introduce my boy Ashe. He’s a Tan Mini-Kamu with a faceup by Little Rebel and he’s on a Brown Luts Model Delf Body dyed to be a closer match. I still need to find a wig for him, hopefully that’ll happen sooner rather than later.
      I’m really excited to see everyone’s Mini-Kamus!

      [​IMG]Ashe by Opal Doll BJD, on Flickr
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    9. @Opal Doll - He's very cool. What eyes are those? Nice to know he fits on a model delf body. I have a model delf but didn't think to try the head on it as they are different colours.
    10. Thank you!
      He's wearing 14mm Silent paradise eyes :)
    11. Do you have a link to the shop? I did a google search but can't seem to find it.
    12. I got them secondhand, but here is the link to Silent Paradise’s Facebook page.
      Silent Paradise

    13. Oh! Stumbled on this looking for model delf bodies for my own mini Kamu heads! I have a tan and a normal, and was seriously considering the model delf body for my tan but haven't decided on a male or female body yet. How do you find the proportions? And is your body new or secondhand (asking for resin matching I'm considering biting the bullet and ordering a new body)?

      Side note, the match littlerebel normal to doll leaves normal is decent and the head looks good on a doll leaves female body. Here's a bad cell phone photo (tried to throw the arm up to give a better idea of color matching and she just looks dorky lol)

      Jennifer Campbell on Instagram: “LittleRebel mini Kamu normal skin on doll leaves normals skin msd #bjd #littlerebeldoll #littlerebelminikamu”
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    14. I got the body secondhand but he is quiet new, being cast in 2018. The proportions are quite nice and the head fits pretty much perfectly on the neck.
      The only thing I can say is the resin match for the tan isn’t the best but doing a quick dye job helps it out immensely. I used Rit liquid dye in petal pink to cancel out the strong olive tone the Luts body had.
      Here’s a link to a post I did about resin match via dyeing. I hope that helps :)
      ★Opal Doll Bjd★ on Instagram: “I totally forgot to put this up Last weekend, Jay and I dyed Ashe’s new body to try and get a closer match to the Little Rebel Tan. We…”

    15. Lovely Thank you!! I was at a doll meet yesterday and a Iplehouse doll there in a one of their tans (the owner said not the dark tan but a lighter version of it, maybe their special real skin?) seemed to match closely-ish as well. But their JID's neck is 8.5cm which I worry would be too large and they don't really sell bodies separate. I'm still tossing back and forth ideas and stalking the marketplace for something but it's nice to see that the Luts body can work with a smidge of dye. My fairyland tan body doesn't quite match either and I think her neck is even smeller. I keep meaning to take the heads and put them on all my MSD bodies for a comparison but it's always busy here it seems! lol
    16. I can't say Iplehouse's Special Real Skin is the best match, but I'm sure it's possible to work around. Here's how the head looks on the old girl JID body (neck 7.3). I think the proportions look pretty good.


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    17. Sorry double post.
      Out of curiosity I tested out the head on a body with a 8.5cm neck. Please don’t do it. It’s a Not-Very-Good-Idea™
      Well, not unless a lot of sanding.

    18. That must have been the skin she had, it looked very close to that, but her doll was older so perhaps a different batch. Most things are workable with blushing or clothing lol Well, many things maybe. And if you're willing to dye a normal skin or white skin doll and have the means to do so and make it match the sky's the limits!
    19. I've thrown the head on a few bodies I had and put them up on Instagram, @jennifer.cambell.lpc (Jennifer Campbell (@jennifer.campbell.lpc) • Instagram photos and videos) . So far I've done doll leaves (best resin match thus far), souldoll (my least favorite body, she's so kicky I need to suede her), impldoll (btw it's a beautiful body), and loongsoul (another gorgeous body but mine's a centaur). If there's any company that I may have I'd be happy to do more (and may still even without requests). They're all on my cell phone with indoor lighting but I try to describe the resin differences in my text. I have Minifees I can throw it on, but they all have the neck connector which makes it a daunting task. I'll restring a doll any day, but fussing with those neck connectors makes me cringe.. lol I can also throw up better/more pictures of anything if you ask--they'll likely be cell pictures because lugging out the DSLR is a pain but at least it would give better proportion visuals for anyone who wants them. some of the normal skin dolls may just need a slight dip in dye or a slight face blushing to match.