Little Things That Make You Happy?

Jun 5, 2017

    1. I was typing up my reply for that "Things that annoy you" rant thread (because I, like most people, love to complain about things) when I realized I had so many more little things to love rather than complain about! I want to hear about all the small reasons you guys love this hobby too! For example, here are some of mine:

      -The super smooth feel that brand new resin has <3
      -The squeaky sound my dolls make when I pose them
      - How beautiful and detailed eyes are on their own *__* (honestly I wish I could display my extras somehow)
      - Getting cute little notes from sellers in your packages!
      - Finally finding that perfect item that just ties your whole doll together and makes it feel complete
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    2. The cat barfs in your signature are a really nice touch on the end of your post. XD

      I, too, love cute little notes from sellers. I also love holding little dollie shoes in the palm of my hand, getting distracted by their pretty faces when I'm on my way to do something else, and that moment when I finally get a character idea for a new doll that I bought on impulse.
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    3. @overlordu Thank you :XD: cat puke is the most appropriate thing to end any post in, honestly :barf

      (I am so with you on the little doll shoes! They're just so cute!)
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    4. -Seeing a new collector catch the first spark
      -Seeing an old collector find the spark again
      -The Spark
      -Custom eyes!!!!
      -Detailed, well blushed hands
      -When the perfect name finally hits you
      -The bittersweet moment when you realise your shell isn't right for your character, but instead gives you a new story to explore
      -Lower lashes on faceups
      -Pictures of doll meetups
      -Seeing the same sculpt, but a COMPLETELY different character and take on the base aesthetic
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    5. when:-
      - my 3-year old boy said he broken his little sister's knee. i looked and saw that its actually misaligned instead of broken. :mwahaha
      - I found the cutesy shoes that finally fit those feet!
      - I finally managed to comb the messy wig, only to be messed up again when my son pick it up and shook it in a victory dance
      - I finally managed to stick the eyelashes on for the first time! I have clumsy and fat fingers, so, yeah! :dance
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    6. I completely agree about the eyes! I could stare at those swirly, pinwheel glass eyes for days!
      • The whole obsessive planning process.
      • The "Aha!" moments.
      • The creativity it builds inside you.
      • I'm weird, and I have a love/hate relationship with USPS, so I actually enjoy watching them carry my packages all over the green Earth. I'm a glutton for punishment.
      • All the little details added to sculpts.
      • When the doll tells you who they are, or you find the perfect sculpt for the person you are creating.
      • Talking to people who understand and enjoy the hobby too.
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    7. - the sound resin makes when you pose a doll, particularly when you haven't touched said doll for a while.
      - holding a doll for the first time.
      - when people appreciate the things (wigs) I make.;;
      - when I change a doll's clothes after some time I haven't played with them.
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    8. - When the eyes are perfectly aligned and the gaze "clicks" and brings the doll to life
      - Neat, shiny doll manicures (actual "nail polish," not just blushing)
      - Silky wigs with no dust or flyaways
      - Dolls holding dolls
      - Elf ears
      - Lifelike props
      - Looking really closely at faceups to admire the color choices or brushwork
      - The heft of carrying a doll (of any size)
      - Delicate hands
      - Putting an outfit's small finishing touches like necklaces or bags on a doll (it adds so much depth and texture!)
      - Getting someone else into the hobby and watching how their interests and tastes develop

      ...To name a few!
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    9. -Those features on a doll you're just obsessed with, like one of my dolls has the most incredible lips and I could stare at them all day :D
      -Waking up in the morning and feeling happy when you see your dolls
      -Completing a faceup and being proud that you're getting better at some aspect of it
      -Having a company/custom faceup and being fascinated by how the other artist did it (lower eyelashes! What is this sorcery?)

      I absolutely agree about tiny shoes, I adore tiny shoes! Anything miniature that's finely detailed just makes me so happy
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    10. I love it when a wig or eyes just click and suddenly you see the charcter of the doll looking back at you. It's such a "oh there you are!" moment. I love this moment even if it wasn't the charcter I originally intended haha.
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    11. I have to agree with the 'little notes from sellers' one. I got a handwritten note with my secondhand Impldoll Martin head that stated 'enjoy him'. :whee:

      Other points I enjoy in this hobby:

      - Sitting with a doll at my side, and suddenly catching myself rubbing his feet or his hands.
      - Or, just sitting with a doll at my side, pressed in tight.
      - Watching TV or videos, or shopping online, 'with them'.
      - Catching a glimpse of your doll(s) and thinking 'hey gorgeous/cutie', then getting lost in their face.
      - Holding a doll.
      - Getting a new doll, or floating head.
      - Achieving a goal in this hobby, no matter how great or small.
      - Finding the perfect item; eyes, clothes, props, accessories. (Not only finding, but acquiring!)
      - Shipping notices!!!
      - Seeing everyone else's dolls, and how much they love them.

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    12. So, this is the cutest little thread ever.

      Some of my personal likes
      -when your dolls come back from getting faceups, and they look perfect. Last time one of my girls very nearly moved me to tears.
      -resin that has a little bit of tooth to it. It just feels fantastic to run your hands over.
      -dressing your doll up and having them iook perfect
      -little notes and gifts from sellers
      -finding the perfects sculpt for a character, even if it's a sold-out limited from 2013
      -when someone replies to that wtb post you've had up for ages
      -when a doll is strung perfect right out of the box
      -urethane eyes. God, I'm in love. Especially ones that follow.. or the one pupilless set I own that look like a sky full of stars.
      -I greatly enjoy making doll wigs, and learning new skills in this hobby.
      -and, as everybody has to love, shipping notices.
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    13. Ooooh, do you have a picture of those? They sound amazing!
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    14. I'm on mobile, so I can't really post pictures, but if you check out this gorgeous girl's eyes or this listing here where the colours are way better than my awful yellow light in my room, you can see them!
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    15. - Getting a new doll and seeing the box for the first time gets the butterflies to your tummy, specially when the doll is something you've always wanted :D
      - When the wig and eyes *click* together with the faceup and the character - that moment is just so perfect
      - Little notes from the seller, doesn't matter if there reads a whole bunch of text or just simply "Thank you! <3 "
      - Learning a new ability - now for me it's wigmaking
      - Getting new friends from the hobbygroup
      - Small noses and chubby cheeks on dolls *_*
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    16. - buying a body on blind faith and having it turn out to be completely perfect for my hybrid
      - trying things for my dolls I'd never otherwise attempt, like wig and shoemaking.
      - that feeling when I finally find the right wig/eye/clothes combo and a doll I haven't been sure of suddenly clicks
      - just the sight of them whenever I walk into my room
      - dreaming, researching, making doll plans and lists
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    17. i love those!!! I think I'm gonna start a hunt for eyes that look like that but the entire eye including the sclera?? like the galaxy eyed owl.... //swoons
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    18. -The detail in doll clothing, especially SD jeans.

      -Finding that perfect doll for my character.

      -Asking about a trade and not getting rejected.

      -Tiny foods!

      -Finding the right wig or set of eyes that really brings my doll to life.

      -seeing that 'out for delivery' tracking update.

      -Doll dioramas

      -Customizing everything!

      -Dolls that just fall into natural poses with no effort

      -that feeling when a doll moves just right to snuggle. Bonus if I wasn't actually trying to cuddle and she just sort of flopped that way.

      -Resin pets and tiny event creatures

      -Selling a doll and having the buyer tell me how much they love that doll, especially when they send pics of him in his new home and tell me his new name.
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    19. Ooooo those sound gorgeous! If you find them, let me know, cause I have a character who needs eyes like that too!
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    20. I love to sew for my dolls so on that note:
      Finding the perfect fabric for the project that's been floating around in your mind
      Finding a beautiful fabric that brings a new project into view
      When you happen to find perfect scale notions
      When you draft a perfectly sized pattern with very little tweaking
      When you see the vision in your mind displayed on the doll in front of you and you've finally completed it down to the tiniest detail
      When someone else admires what you've created and compliments you
      Cleaning your sewing studio after completing a project so you are ready for the next adventure
      When you can see your doll really likes their new clothes! (lol)
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