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Little tiny mention of BJDs in Giant Robot magazine

Sep 22, 2007

    1. For those of you who read Giant Robot, check out page 11 of Issue 49! Missy Leach names her top 5 Best Big Dolls, starting with VOLKS Sweet Dream Nana's in a Bad Mood and ending with PetWORKs momoko ver.03ANsp. Rather than spoil the other three favorites mentioned, I suggest picking this up on the newsstands for a mere $4.99 US. It is a household favorite.

      If you don't read Giant Robot, you should. It's a great, stylish, fun, and very hip magazine for people who love Asian pop culture.

      Why is the name Missy Leach so familiar???
    2. i've picked up giant robot a couple times. it's a bit tough to work through, i usually end up feeling like it's written by a secret community and is talking about things i'm unaware of, lol. though i did enjoy the article about uglydolls...
      ...but bjds in other magazines are awesome! hopefully that generates a tiny bit of interest and/or increased tolerance.
    3. Heh, it is no doubt a publication that is intended for the hipster set, and as such does assume that you are hip enough to know exactly what's going on and to catch every reference made to various hipster things. Agreed, though, I'd love to see them do a feature on BJDs sometime as a Thing of Relevance to hipsters.
    4. Can you spoil a little for the overseas people :P?
    5. ~ Spoiler Below!~

      OK, i'll spoil - though i hate to discourage people from buying Giant Robot if they can. It's a really wonderful magazine!

      Missy Leach's Best Big Dolls
      1. Volks Sweet Dream Nana in Bad Mood
      2. Alchemic Labo Unoa-Quluts Sist
      3. Volks Rei=Tenshi
      4. Hypermaniac Ksy
      5. Petworks Momoko ver. 03ANsp

      i've gotta go along with the Ksy... and possibly Nana! Giant Robot is made of win.
    6. Can you buy at a regular bookstore, like Barnes & Noble?