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LittleFée Preorder Information

Oct 15, 2008

    1. Dear customers,

      Hello this is FairyLand.
      Firstly we would like to thank you for showing so much support in our new line-up LittleFée, recently introduced on our blog and gallery.
      We are pleased to announce that the preorder for our new 25cm doll LittleFée will start from October 24.

      [Preorder schedule]
      - 1st round preorder: October 24, 2008 starting 7pm, Korean time (GMT +9:00) ~ November 7, 2008*
      - 2nd round preorder: November 21, 2008 starting at 10am, Korean time ~ November 30, 2008*

      [Preorder benefits]
      - Basic set purchase: Preorder price $250, preorder gifts (white wings, sleeping faceplate of chosen type)
      - Full Package purchase: Preorder price $340 (Ante and Pipi), $360 (Piki), preorder gifts (transparent wings, Big Pukisha faceplate for LittleFée)
      - Other items: preorder price benefits (please refer to individual items for more information)

      [Information regarding preorder]
      - Product price will increase once the preorder ends.
      - There is no preorder discount benefit for makeup price.
      - Orders containing LittleFee placed during preorder period will have reduced payment grace period of 10 days. Order may be cancelled if payment is not received within this grace period.
      - Orders containing makeup will be shipped around the stated processing time.
      - Please check the product content table carefully before placing the order.
      - It is not decided whether transparent wings sold separately in the future.
      - Optional hands are not available for sale separately at this stage, but will be possible in the future.

      * Basic and Full Package products are not limited editions, but there are limited stocks available for the preorder period. Please note that preorder may end prematurely depending on the amount of order received. This is to assist smooth processing and shipping. Thank you for understanding.

      Thank you for your support in FairyLand.



    2. Will the wings be optional parts or will they come with the little fees?

      Will you offer different sizes and/or styles of wings somewhere down the line?
    3. Liria a small question.
      I looked at the measurements but couldnt find it on that list.
      How large are the eyes in the picture and what is the dolls recomended eye size?
      Thank you! :aheartbea
    4. are the wings white or clear or both? one looks white and the other clear.
    5. Will you be doing a special lower price promotional release like you did with the pukis? I enjoyed being able to pay less since I did not want all of the options offered in the regular or full sets.
    6. - 14mm acrylic eyes are used as LittleFee default eyes.
      - Two types of wings (white and transparent) are available. Possibility of selling separately is unknown at this stage.
      - There are plans for doing preorder event similar to pukipuki. Again, details will be released later :)
    7. Liria what about gender would there be choice on the gender for the fullsets?
    8. Body choice option is likely to be available for the preorder, but not sure whether this option will be continue with regular sale. It could be just limited to preorder period only OR continue to be available (it hasn't been decided yet).

      Also, more photos of LittleFee have been just updated! :)
    9. I was wondering , will their face plates be sold seperately in the future?
    10. - Normal open-eyed faceplates are not likely to be sold separately in the future. (similar to pukipuki)
      - The original LittleFee's name is Ante.
      - Body choice option will not be available with Basic and Full Package products. Pipi and Piki will have boy body and Ante will have girl body.
      However LittleFee A la Carte will be updated in the future where body choice option is possible.
      - More info on release date and price etc will be updated in next few days. :)

      p.s. LittleFee Pukisha faceplate photo updated http://dollfairyland.tistory.com/category/LittleFee
    11. Will be possible to choose the body (boy or girl) in the preorder??
    12. That question has already been answered. Please be sure to read all posts.

    13. Sorry, I thought it wasn't definitive information ^^U And I read all posts, of course ^^U

      She said: ...is likely to be available...
    15. You said that the eyes pictured were 14mm, yet the newer photos (vikings and Rocco) seem to be using smaller eyes. Are they still 14mm eyes?
    16. Do you know if they will fit Yo-sd clothing? from the looks of things they will but it would be nice to get a better idea including shoes.
    17. Preorder information updated. Please refer to post #1.