Littlefee (Ante) head size for glasses.

Mar 11, 2017

    1. Hi! I have a question for any Littlefee owners. I am currently waiting for my first resin doll and was looking for head measurements to buy a pair of glasses for her, she is a Littlefee Ante. Checked the Fairyland site, google and the forum here, but I can't seem to find how broad the head is, just the circumference. Does anybody have the face 'broadness', and ear to front of the face measurements for the sides of the glasses? The ones I love are 4,3 cm wide on the inside of the glasses, would that fit? Or does anyone have some really cool glasses they bought for their Littlefee and recommend me the place they bought them (pics appreciated)? Thanks for reading!
    2. She's right about 5cm from ear to ear. Dollmore has a bunch of yosd size glasses! and acbjd has some for msd size that might work, since theyre bendy, theyll just be a bit large.
    3. Yep, I think if you ever want to approximate the broadness, just divide the circumference by pi to get the diameter. I'm sure it's more accurate to have someone measure, but it's around 5.3 ish... Close enough to 5 I think xD
    4. The o glasses I have for my Little Fees are from the Tonner Ann Estelle dolls. Puck always wears his glasses! [​IMG]Glasses by Rosanne, on Flickr
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    5. Thank you all for your replies :)! I thought about doing the math but wasn't sure how egg shaped heads might be, but knowing the size is about 5 cm really helps. Unfortunately the ones I was eying are definitely not going to fit but with the places you all recommended I will surely find some that are perfect. Sweetiemom, I love the ones your puck has, they look so cute!