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LittleFee Ante question

Apr 16, 2009

    1. So I found an Ante. Lots of extras, a wig, eyes, and sleeping face. But her owner (the one who is selling her) put her head on a boy body. I really don't want a she/it/boy doll so what should I do? Should I a) Pass up the sale b) Get her and sell her boy body c) Ask for head and extras only? PLZ move this if it's in the wrong place btw :sweat
    2. You could always get it and then put up a WTT (want to trade) thread. Or sand off his bits, or just buy a girl doll and sell off the boy with the new face.
    3. I saw that cutie too. But I want my ante to be a girl, so I decided I would just wait or get a new one. It is nice that he comes with all the extras though... Good luck with your decision!
    4. I think it's a decision you'll have to make- do you want to go through the hassle of getting another body for the reward of the extras, or do you want to just order what you want directly from the shop, or as a third option wait to see if another Ante comes up for sale on the MP from another seller? Decide what's worth the most to you personally and go with the option that will get you whatever that is.
    5. or de-boy her ..if she is a good price ..its very easy to sand off the boy parts ,
      I had a Yo modded that way ..and a Lati ,amd I know Valli made her pocketfiary a girl that way :)
    6. Either get just the plates, or sand the boy parts. For me personally it wouldn't be worth the trouble getting the whole thing to sell or trade the body right away. You'll loose money on shipping and payment fees and altogether it's just more hassle.
    7. I had a Littlefee boy body and wanted a girl. I contemplated sanding off the boy part or selling the body. Within minutes after I decided to sell the boy body, I sold it for a very decent price, that was enough to buy a girl body. This happened 3 days ago, so my Piki is temporarily a floating faceplate.

      If you want Ante and the price is right, I would do it.
    8. Thanks you guys!
    9. You could get a experienced dolly friends and they could sand off the "bits" for you. Unless you know how.
    10. Yes, well I think I may not get this. It's probably a bit too far from what I want!
    11. well if you do buy the whole set and decide to sell the body, contact me straight away! i'm dying for a littlefee boy body to put a leekeworld chouette head on. at this stage i don't care about the resin match. lol.
    12. Think I know which Ante you are interested in.

      That is one amazing face and all the extras are wonderful.
      Swap out the body or just put underwear on her.
      (honestly hard choice and it is money that you might be happier buying a "girl" Ante with from the start)